inside sales auto dialerInside sales involves high volume cold calling, to engage prospective buyers and streamline follow-ups to guide the leads to conversions. Businesses that focus more on chasing targets, instead of working on processes that lead to efficient sales management, usually fail to yield optimum returns from their efforts and resources. Automating the calling process by using a sales dialer, however, can turn the table around. Ease-of-use, customization, affordability, and call monitoring are some of the common benefits of sales dialer software system. To continue the discussion, this blog post focuses on three key reasons to invest in a dialer software for call center. Let’s take a look.

1. Increase Connect Rate

A 2015 survey by DemandGen shows that 80 percent of B2B purchases are unplanned and unbudgeted. Though unplanned and unbudgeted purchases glorify the value of proactive selling, connect rate is one area where the inside sales teams continuously struggle. Connect rate is the total number of calls connected to an agent divided by the total number of calls dialed. A predictive dialer, as the name suggest, detects if a live person is available to receive the call, eliminating busy signals and automated intercepts, thereby enhancing the connect rate.

2. Optimize Process

It is imperative for inside sales teams to understand the buying cycle, which is only possible by effectively monitoring and managing the sales funnel. An advanced sales dialer software solution enables sales representatives to predict sales month after month, which helps in strategizing the sales approach and other strategies. The solution also helps the sales team in categorizing the sales value chain and eliminating the categories that are not required or are no longer relevant.

3. Measure KPIs

Inside sales teams usually focus more on the quantity of calls, instead of quality, with the ultimate aim to meet their targets. Managers, therefore, need to ensure that the team members are making productive calls that are leading to conversions. Sales dialer software solutions allow line managers to accurately track and measure the KPIs of their team members. These solutions generate detailed reports about lead connect rate, conversion score, response time, and other factors that help in determining the improvement areas of the team.

Parting Words

A sales dialer software provides exhaustive sales intelligence, enabling inside sales teams to optimize the sales process and conversions. Deploying a dialer is an effective way to plan future sales activities and drive maximum profits from telesales campaigns. If you too are looking for ways to increase sales, Electronic Voice Services, Inc. provides a line of products, including sales dialers that enable your inside sales team to work smartly and enhance their productivity. Should you wish to learn more, get in touch with our experts for a no-obligation consultation. Simply call 1.800.713.8353 or 1.972.713.6622.

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