Automatic Dialing Software with EVS7Auto-dialers play an important role in optimizing outbound call rates. In fact, if leveraged right, an automated dialer can increase the call rate by up to 400 percent, compared to manual dialing. Business owners, however, often find it a challenge to choose the right option from predictive, preview and progressive dialers. Therefore, to help determine the most suitable auto dialer for your business, this post explores the finer differences among the three most commonly deployed options in the telemarketing industry.

1. Predictive Dialers

A predictive dialer is considered the ultimate time savers, as it transfers calls to agents only after it successfully gets through to the prospects, filtering disconnected numbers, answering machines, and busy lines. The only downside of using a predictive dialer is that many people find it annoying to answer IVR-assisted predictive calls. Modern consumers now have novel ways to detect a predictive telemarketing call, and end up either unanswering or showing little or no interest in the initial pitch.

2. Preview Dialers

Preview dialers provide information prior to connecting the call. The callers decide whether to call the prospect or not depending on the information available in the system. The solution is helpful in eliminating answer delays and non-professional approach. The auto dialer doesn’t dial the next call on the list, before the operator’s consent and even allows them to skip a call, for dialing later. The approach is more professional and ideal for warm to hot leads. Preview dialing also allows some room for research between calls, thereby enhancing conversions.

3. Progressive Dialers

Progressive dialers are known to provide better results in high paced environments. The solution immediately dials the next call in the queue, eliminating delays between successive calls. Such dialers use a predefined qualification criteria to automatically select the next most suitable prospect to call, based on priority and other dynamics, in turn saving the time invested by agents in manual short-listing of leads from spreadsheets. At the same time, it also enables managers to specify, route and distribute important leads.

The Right Pick For Your Business

It is necessary to map the auto dialer techniques with the goals of your employees. Predictive dialing portrays a spammy look of your business due to substantial answering delays. You can opt for preview dialing to take out the guesswork of fetching leads and call the prospects after a little research for better results. Progressive dialing showcases your brand through proactive, queue based logic to generate and convert leads while maintaining a high volume of calls throughout the day.

The Way Forward

Auto dialers have revolutionized the lead generation and conversion process by curbing erroneous manual dialing and minimizing the time required by agents to reach prospects. These solutions allow sales representative to gain complete control over calls, without having to worry about the hassles of manual dialing. If you too want your business to maintain a high call volume and optimum efficiency, EVS7 can help with multiple auto dialer solutions with a bouquet of features such as instant voice mail and email integration – all fully customizable to your specific needs. To learn more, connect with us for a no-obligation free consultation.
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