Cloud Based Phone System with EVS7Many organizations ignore some of the features of call center phone systems that not only reduce the average call time of the agents, but also help ensure customer satisfaction. A call center phone system needs to be pre-equipped with a few desired options to ensure the success of a tele campaign. The blog post discusses four features of the call center phone systems that help in reducing the AHT of agents.

1. Call Distribution and Routing

Callbacks are often untapped sources of lead generation that may go unused if there is no proper call distribution and routing mechanisms. Business owners need to invest in phone systems pre-equipped with intelligent skill-based routing systems. Using an automatic call distributor is an effective way to decrease AHT. The automatic call distributor helps in distributing the calls depending on the geographical location, or the time of the day when the call was made and ensures that customers can easily connect to an agent without wasting time.

2. IVR and One Click Voicemails

Call center agents work with opening and closure scripts adding up to the AHT every single time. Moreover, dropping an email while keeping a prospective customer on hold takes a toll on the consumer satisfaction levels. Your call center phone systems should automate the reiterative scripts and reduce the time to drop emails and pre-recorded voicemails. It not only boosts the productivity of the agents but also contributes towards an unparalleled customer experience.

3. Live Call Focus

Call center agents face a tough time dealing with busy telephone lines hampering their overall productivity. Sometimes, the poor voice quality during a live call increases the overall response time of the agent to the customer leading to a surge in the AHT and dissatisfaction among the customers. Your call center phone systems need to curb the menace of dropped calls that create a hurdle in the lead generation and nurturing process.

4. Call Recording and Monitoring

Call center phone systems need to provide the facility of live call recording and monitoring to the business owners. Monitoring live calls allow the business owner/quality assurance team to identify and act on the mistakes and loopholes during real-time customer interactions on the calls.

The Way Forward

Businesses can’t scale the desired sales numbers without imparting a level of concreteness to its telemarketing efforts. Call center phone systems with some of the pre-loaded features help reduce AHT along with reducing the agent and customer frustration. If you are looking for an intelligent call center phone system, EVS7 gives you the option to choose from a number of options including Power Dialer, Click to Call, and inside sales software solution that automates the dialing process.

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