Inside Sales Software with EVS7A recent report by shows that inside sales is growing 300 percent faster than field sales, which indicates that in the coming years, we may witness the extinction of the later. This, however, isn’t the only change happening in the way businesses sell. The most important transitions are happening in the way inside sales teams are taking their sales processes to the next level – be it with the use of cloud based VoIP dialers or analytics. On that note, here are the top four inside sales best practice you cannot afford to ignore. Let’s begin.

1. Leverage Analytics to Enhance Conversions

Every inside sales cycle is time-intensive, as it involves multiple stages. Analytics can help at every step of the process, be it finding qualified leads or predicting customer behavior. Most inside sales companies use real-time analytics to enhance their customer reach and measure the performance of their teams. The use of data-driven strategies also enables employers to find out the issues leading to productivity and the failsafe solutions to improve them.

2. Make Sales the Entire Company’s Responsibility

Most customers these days don’t just find themselves in touch with your inside sales team, who call or email them. They also engage with your marketing and customer service department. High-performing sales teams realize this well, and therefore, regard sales as the responsibility of every department and not just their inside sales team. They integrate all the departments, which helps them unlock unlimited potential for revenue growth.

3. Optimize Sales with Cutting-Edge Technologies

The shortcut to optimizing sales performance is embracing cutting-edge technologies. That becomes apparent with the noticeable movement of businesses towards the use of cloud-based call center solutions, instead of on-premise. Be it a VoIP dialer or inside sales CRM, if your agents can access it irrespective of their location, you can provide them the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. Consequently, the more are your chances to supercharge sales.

4. Embrace Training Support Tools

Classroom training and e-learning are important for agents, but let’s accept they steal considerable time from their work hours. In fact, research shows that agents forget 80 to 90 percent of their learning after one month of training. To reverse this situation–provide more time for sales and ensure agents stay trained all the time–many companies have started using online training support tools such as British Council’s’ IELTS.


Salesforce recently surveyed more than 2,300 global sales leaders and found that all of them are using some or the other form of the above mentioned best practices. Given this, whether it is using analytics to predict customer behavior, or a predictive dialer to supercharge leads, all of these practices are integral to create a high-performing sales team. Should you need any assistance in procuring effective calling tools such as a VoIP dialer that caters to your business, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about our services, call us at 1.800.713.8353, or fill this contact form and we will get back to you, soon.

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