Enhance Call Center Profits with EVS7Call centers work on economies of scale, which means their profitability is tied to the “scale” of their operation. Ironically, more often than not, it becomes impossible for call centers to scale their operations beyond a certain level. In such cases, it becomes necessary for them to optimize their service delivery, to enhance their efficiency, and in turn, profits. Continuing the conversation, here are a few practices that can help call centers in enhancing their performance and profitability. Let’s take a look.


1. Introduce Incentives

“Aim for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” The age old maxim holds true when it comes to call center representatives setting targets for self. Encourage your employees to set high targets for themselves and to achieve new benchmarks. To accomplish the objective, you need to introduce an incentive scheme that can encourage employees to deliver to their full potential, and even stretch their limits.

2. Define a Follow-up Process

Often employees fail to convert leads because they do not ask prospects for a specific date and time to follow up after their initial call. To help your employees manage their leads better provide them a lead management system that helps keep a track of the leads and prevents them from getting lost in the system.

3. Implement the Right Technology

There are a plethora of technologies, call center applications, and systems that companies may choose to streamline their operations. Choosing the right one and then implementing it, however, can be an uphill task. Moreover, companies need to bear in mind that technologies get redundant with time, and therefore, they must take the ROI into account before adopting any new technology.

4. Create a Holistic Plan

Call center employees often fail to plan a long term strategy; they simply focus on short-term goals, without realizing how it can affect their and their employer’s growth. To address this concern, it is important for the immediate managers to sit with their subordinates on a periodic basis and review their action plan. In addition, you also need to create a clear growth path for your employees, based on their capabilities.

5. Focus on Training

Companies, to boost the productivity of their employees, provide the latest call center software, automated dialers, and high quality customer leads; however, in addition to equipping employees with the right tools, companies need to train their employees to deliver better services. Here are a few focus areas.


Help your employees to understand how to get relevant information from the customers. Train your employees to ask high-value, relevant questions that would help them understand the core issue. Usually, this comes with experience, however, you can conduct small mock sessions for the employees to give them a fair idea of what’s required.

Active Listening

It wouldn’t be incorrect if we said that active listening is the most important skill required of all employees, who directly interact with the potential/existing clients. It is important because by active listening, employees are able to better understand and resolve customer concerns. Moreover, a lot of people might also feel offended if they are asked to repeat anything they have already said to the agent.


Monitor the calls of your call center representatives and ensure that they are reiterating the customer’s issue before providing a remedy. If there is any team member who is not following this practice, you may want to sit with them, provide a detailed feedback, and stress on the importance of reiterating the customer’s concern.

Last Few Words

The growth of your company depends upon the efficiency of your employees, and therefore, if you focus on the ways and means to boost the productivity of your employees, it is bound to reflect in your profits. So, the next time when you plan to make any changes to the operations or upgrade the existing setup, consider how it will impact your employee’s performance. To help you scale your business and profitability, EVS7 offers a number of cloud based call center software solutions that enable your employees to deliver their peak performance . To learn more, feel free to connect with one of our representatives for a no-obligation consultation.

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