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When it comes to phone prospecting, it is much better to work smart than work hard. That is because unless you are being smart about your phone prospecting, it doesn’t really matter how hard you work – you’ll probably not get anywhere! Here are five tips for phone prospecting that should help you to work smarter:

  1. Start with a strong phone list.

You are only as strong as your list, and if your list contains a high number of strong potential contacts, then it should greatly help with your phone prospecting. Continue to update your dialer or CRM each week with new prospects.

  1. Check through your CRM leads every month.

Just because one of your phone prospects is not interested this month, that does not mean that they will definitely not be interested in a few weeks’ time. Setting follow ups and being timely is critical to success.

  1. Create a short pitch that’s memorable.

You are probably one of many people phone prospecting, and that is why you need to ensure that your pitch is clear, eloquent, and gives the key points quickly.  In addition, try to ask questions about their needs so you can better understand product fit.

  1. Keep accurate records.

The last thing that you want to do is ring up a prospect . . . and then be told by them that you already rang them an hour ago! Strict record keeping will ensure that you never embarrass yourself and diminish your worth in their eyes.

  1. Never forget to return calls.

With accurate records comes accurate time keeping: and being persistent, polite, and never forgetful, you will easily make yourself invaluable to your prospects.

As your work grows, you will find yourself getting better and better at these five points, but you should make a real effort to perfect all of them. Only by ensuring that all five points are met will you be able to be confident that your phone prospecting is of the highest quality.

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