VoIP Dialer System with EVS7Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, has been around for over a decade now, with countless companies claiming to be the “best VoIP provider”. Telemarketing agencies and other enterprises started using VoIP mainly for its cost-effectiveness. Though, in recent years, with improvements, such as high speed internet, enhanced user interfaces, mobile integration, the user experience of VoIP has greatly improved, with the technology becoming easier to scale and more accessible. There are, however, still some room for improvements. The post discusses five solutions agencies need to implement to improve their VoIP user experience.

Expand Contention Ratio

The contention ratio depends on the users connected to the ISP server you are dealing with at a given point in time. The more people connected to the ISP, the higher is the contention ratio. The ratio goes up as users indulge in high bandwidth demanding activities such as downloading movies or music. High contention ratio like 1:1 is ideal but costs a small fortune every month. You need to talk to your internet provider and get this ratio reduced for more benefits.

Get High Speed Internet

VoIP depends directly on the uploading and downloading speed of your internet connection. Weak internet connections often amount to hissing and interruptions during calls. If you are an old patron of the internet provider, you could even hope for a free upgrade. Otherwise, there’s always the option of a paid upgrade.

Upgrade Your Systems

Ensure that you keep all software such as your OS and antivirus updated at all times. Keep the hardware updated and pay attention to the various details such as motherboard, processing capabilities, RAM, ROM and other such details of your systems. Consult an IT expert to figure out the required amount of upgrades you need to make based on your operational usage.

Follow These Simple Steps

  • Decrease simultaneous calls
  • Prefer ethernet to Wi-Fi
  • Pause company downloads during working hours
  • Consult your VoIP provider whenever necessary

VoIP Predictions for 2016

Experts have made these predictions for VoIP for 2016.

  • There will be more hosted enterprise VoIP, courtesy cloud-based PBX systems.
  • Hosted VoIP contact centers will increase in number. Their performance stats are good.
  • Integration with cloud-based VoIP products will be on the rise.
  • More official devices (tablets, smartphones, and laptops) will be connected to the internet and VoIP.
Faster internet, more favorable contention ratio, and software and hardware upgrades – all contribute towards improving VoIP experience. Apart from that taking care of the simple things such using high speed internet, dedicating more bandwidth to telemarketing calls, and decreasing simultaneous calls also help improve VoIP experience. Finally, take into account the VoIP predictions for VoIP 2016; more hosted enterprise, contact centers, cloud integration and official devices for VoIP. Should you wish to learn more about VoIP for your business, feel free to connect with us for a round of no-obligation free consultation.
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