Telemarketers Using Automatic DialerAutomatic dialer or a predictive dialer system provides an efficient way of outbound calling and saving a lot of time in between calls. It optimizes the dialing process by eliminating various steps to increase the number of calls per salesperson in every hour. Companies that make a large number of call volumes every day need to invest in predictive dialers, so that their employees spend more time in pitching their product, rather than manually punching in numbers to call prospects and maintain the databases of successful and unsuccessful attempts. If a call center handles a large number of calls with a small number of employee, it means less expenditure in terms of salaries and more ROI. Let us understand how different aspects of a predictive dialing system are beneficial for call centers and other businesses that need to make large volumes of calls on a daily basis.

Call Time Prediction Doubles the Call Rate

Predictive dialers are programmed to start dialing the next number after a certain time has been spent on the current call. This saves the agent’s time by keeping the next call ready by cutting off the process of dialing the number, and then waiting for the call to be answered. This system almost doubles the number of outgoing calls for a business.

Saves the Time Spent Between Calls

In manual dialing, callers take almost 30 seconds to dial a number and connect, and the whole time goes to waste if the call goes to an answering machine or nobody answers the call. This time is saved by predictive dialer by connecting the agent only to the positive calls. It dials numbers in the background while the agent attends to another call, and connects the agent only if someone answers the call, else moves to the next contact after a fixed number of rings.

Saves the Time Spent on Maintaining Call Lists

Telecallers need to maintain and update calling lists on the lines of the response received, numbers that they need to call again, numbers that they need to forward to the next department, many more. This is a lengthy process and hampers the productivity of a call center. A systematically designed automatic dialer can take care of such lists and reduce time wastage on call list management.

Helps Plan and Control Leads

Lead management is one of the most crucial tasks for any business, especially call centers. If companies don’t opt for lead management systems, they need to spend hours in manually managing call lists and lead responses. A predictive dialer, combined with an optimum lead management system, takes care of all the nuances of lead management down to recording the response of a lead and won’t call the same number again, unless it is manually asked to do so.

Helps Provide Feedback to Agents in Real-time

Predictive dialers help the managers by providing feedback of agents’ performance. It logs the performance of each agent by analyzing inbound queues, dialer statistics and individual list performance. This kind of performance tracking helps the manager to monitor the agents and provide instant feedback for corrective actions. Automatic dialers are hands down one of the most practical solution for optimizing agent productivity.

Provides Quick Return on Investment

Most companies that use predictive dialing for their outbound calling start getting ROI within a short time of as less as 6 months. Adopting this call center technology optimizes the calling process and improves it to as much as double the sales per hour for every employee, which explains the increasing deployment of automatic diallers in several industries.


Automatic dialer is a profitable business investment for companies that need to make a large number of outbound calls. In fact, businesses can also go for comprehensive software suites that bundle an automatic dialler and a lead management system. Should you wish to learn more about how automatic diallers can help scale business growth, feel free to connect with us for a round of free consultation.
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