sales call software is better than hand dialing

There are some things that you just simply cannot do without when you are running your own business, and some of them are really obvious. You need to make sure that you have the adequate insurance to cover yourself and your employees; you will need to have a purpose built email address so that your customers and your business contacts can get hold of you whenever they need to, and you’ll need to have some incredible branding to make sure that people remember you. But one vital factor that every business needs, and often completely ignores, is sales call software.

A business does not survive by making a few calls – and if you want yours to thrive, then chances are you are going to be making hundreds, if not thousands, of sales calls every single month. That means that you are going to need the technology that can cope with that amount of calling, and the old fashioned way of doing things simply does not cut it anymore. That is why sales call software is such a brilliant investment for a company: because without it, your profits will never be able to soar above average. With it, the sky is the limit. Whether you want to start a virtual call center, or just enhance sales in your current business, having a dialer help automate the process is critical.

However, when you reach this decision, you often then have a bit of a panic. It is all very well deciding that you are going to guarantee success through getting sales call software for your business, but which sales call software is the best one to use? Don’t worry: we have done all of the hard work for you and discovered that the best one for your business is Dolphin Power Dialer if you need to dial off of lists and a Click Dialer if you just need to make quick calls from your CRM, browser, or email. There are tons of reasons why we know that this is the best sales call software choice that you could make, but here are three specific reasons that we know will jump out of you:

1. Unlimited calling. That’s right: unlimited calling. Many companies claim unlimited dialing with their sales call software but actually have restrictions in the fine print. Why should you put up with that? You do not want to have to put a limit on your company’s expansion in the future, so your best plan would be to get a sales call software plan that has unlimited calling, like Dolphin Power Dialer.

2. Pre-recorded Voicemail & Instant email follow up. Taking the pain out of leaving a voicemail is critical for the morale of your agents along with the consistency of your message. One of the most annoying thing about sales call software is that after you have made that great phone call, you then have to log out of it to email them with further details. Not so with the Dolphin Power Dialer: all of that is built in to the program.

3. Rolling month contract. The business world moves fast, and you want to be able to move with it. You don’t want lengthy contracts that you have to sign to be able to gain all of the amazing features of the Dolphin Power Dialer – so don’t. The month by month payment plan that you are never tied to paying more than you want to.

Convinced? There are so many telemarketing software problems and bugs these days, you really don’t want to bring anything into your office and your company that you cannot trust and know will be safe. That is why the Dolphin Power Dialer is so great. It’s been trusted by thousands of businesses for many years. If you are truly serious about increasing the number of sales calls that you make this month for your company, then it is time to truly invest, and try out the top sales call software on the market: Dolphin Power Dialer.

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