bostA good outbound telemarketing software is a primary need for every call center. It is one of the many ways you can enhance the performance of your agents. There are a variety of easy and smart tactics that you can employ regardless of whether you are handling inbound, outbound or both types of business calls. Success doesn’t come overnight, but if you  implement a solid foundation for success, your  business will show incremental, steady growth over time.

Know Your  Needs

Smart management knows how to generate productivity. In this quest, the first order of business is smart scheduling. Start by determining the optimum caller-to-agent ratio and then set up your training, breaks, downtime and time off schedules to support a realistic, but productive daily, weekly, monthly call to agent ratio. You’ll also need to list out the exact skill sets required by your call agents to get the job done and then hire, train and manage accordingly. Secondarily, some agents are better during the day, others at night.  Learn the unique skill-sets of your agents and distribute them between your day and night shifts, according to the volumes and nature of calls associated with those times. Be proactive to ensure that you do not suffer under-staffing and its ugly consequences which include abandoned calls and lower customer satisfaction score or CSAT.

Foster Team Spirit

Friendship plays a key role in life and also has the capacity to bring a great deal of positivity in the workplace. Various surveys have shown that in organizations, where colleagues have rapport, they are able to excel in terms of performance. Management should be the catalyst to creating and fostering an environment that includes fun, rewards and camaraderie. In fact, there are plenty of case studies that show happy workers make for good business. Zappos is just one example.

Create and Communicate Action Plans

Every call center needs to have an action plan for its agents, which means devising daily, weekly and monthly targets. When you provide your agents an action-plan, they remain on track and stay motivated. Besides this, it also helps you to distribute your work in appropriately, as you can assign the most important task to employees with the highest skill level. Your call center’s productivity depends on assorted factors that range from an efficient outbound call center software to skill level and loyalty of your agents. Understanding these elements is important for devising strategies that may help you in boosting your organization’s performance.

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