Portrait of smiling female customer service agentYour call center agents mirror your business and are often the first point of contact. Consequently, your desire for this frontline to be as effective as possible is only natural. Without a comprehensive understanding of their working conditions, taking right decisions about them is difficult. This involves comprehending everything from a VoiP service provider they may use for telemarketing to the compensation they receive. All in all, it is precisely about deciphering the DNA of their working environment.

Discerning the Current Scenario

International Customer Management Institute or ICMI’s research reveals a lot about the working conditions of current call center agents. These pointers may help you in analyzing the situation.
  • The average age of call center agent is 31 years and he lacks financial stability
  • 52% of call center agents leave their jobs after 3 years
  • 25% of call center agents are able to sustain their employment for 3-5 years and only the remaining 24% are able to continue their jobs beyond 5 years
  • The average new agent earns $13.50 per hour, which is $28,000 per year
  • Agents, who do not find suitable internal growth opportunities, leave their jobs quickly to pursue other careers
  • The highest paid agents earn more than $20 per hour that accounts to more than $41,000 per year

Grave Challenges the Agents Face Daily

The lack of effective technology, better systems such as a VoIP dialer software and standard infrastructure facilities is often an excuse given by most business leaders when it comes to justifying poor agent experience. The truth is that many of these business architects are still neglecting issues pertaining to requisite technology. Whether this dereliction of duty owes its reason to a planned fiscal decision or some other factor is hard to find, but the current challenges facing the call center agents are many and grave. Let us see the findings of ICMI in this direction.
  • Agents of almost 87% call centers experience moderate levels of stress during their shift.
  • 71% businesses blame the insufficient and inefficient tools as the main reason behind this stress.
  • 74% of respondents acknowledge that they are preventing their agents from providing the best experience possible, and
  • 92% firms believe that the application using experience of their agents can be made better.

Things to Remember

  • The average agent suffers from financial stability.
  • Many of the agents are quick to leave their jobs due to lack of internal growth opportunities.
  • Stress is one of the biggest factors affecting the lives of almost all call center agents.
  • Most contact center agents lack the required up-to-date tools to perform their duties.


Good contact centers take no time in realizing that customer experience is directly proportional to agents’ experience. Improving the working conditions of call center agents, therefore, harvests two benefits in one shot; it improves customer experience and retains your agents. Given this, the foremost step to ease the lives of your agents is to employ tools of current age and get rid of any legacy technology. Traditional marketing methods such as outbound calling are still effective, but the resources to deploy these sales strategies have changed altogether. Ensure that your business is not left behind.
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