Hosted call center solutions Your hosted call center is only as good as the people inside it and the software that runs it.  While you can coach up agents and make tweaks to processes, finding the best hosted solution can make or break the way that you operate and ultimately the bottom line. Finding excellent people becomes easy after a while, because you will be able to quickly discern whether or not an applicant has what it takes – but when it comes to finding the best software, that can often be a struggle because there are simply so many different options out there.  It can sometimes be incredibly confusing, especially if you’re new to the industry or market.  That is why we have put together this quick guide to help you know what to look for in best software for your hosted call center.
  1. Price
Chances are if you don’t do your homework, you may find one of the most expensive options with the biggest advertising budget.  Make sure that you shop around with different opportunities so that you can really gain a keen understanding about what the current market prices are. On the other side of the spectrum, VoIP and dialing is a hard cost for providers, so if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  Also be wary of companies that charge hidden fees such as excessive usage charges or extra per minute charges.  Some companies will charge fantastic deals for the first month, but then jack up the rates after that.  Just make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into.
  1. Support
When everything is going smoothly you won’t have to think about support, but it’s critical to know you have a responsive team working for you to diagnose problems or answer technical questions. Always make sure that the company you choose has established support, particularly telephone support. It’s also no fun dealing with someone with a strong accent if you can’t understand them clearly.  You want to feel like the company has your back and is on your side.
  1. Interface
User interface and experience is important because if your team doesn’t like it or can’t feel comfortable using it, then it’s a waste of time and money.  The operating system and interface should also be updated periodically, so it is important that you talk to the supplier about whether or not updates will be built into your price, or whether you will have to pay a little extra each time that you want to receive that updates. Technology moves fast and you’ll want to do business with a company that will keep you up to date with the latest features to help increase efficiency.
  1. Ease of use
Last but not least, you have to think about the user end of the software.  Your hosted call center agents are the ones who will be logged in every day making calls. With the normal turnover you see in a call center, having to train an agent on complicated software is far from ideal. A call center’s workload is heavy and rapid, and so it is essential that the hosted software has a simple interface that is matter of fact and clear to navigate. Making mistakes or letting down customers can mean your bottom line drops.  Ensure you keep ease of use at the top of your list when looking for software. As you can see there are many different to consider when purchasing hosted call center solutions, but there is not really one that supersedes the others. The price may be good, but you may suffer because there is no support in place. The interface may look beautiful, but your employees could really struggle to use it. The key thing is to find a balanced solution that ticks the important boxes.
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