How Customers Can Benefit From Business VoIP Phone Lines

There’s plenty of information that explains how VoIP helps the organizations that use it, but there’s another side to that figurative coin that gets too little attention. That’s an explanation of how VoIP helps business customers. When you think about it, that’s really the more important topic, isn’t it? After all, it won’t matter if the technology helps your internal processes if it doesn’t benefit your customers and you have no customers to serve as a result.

Round-The-Clock Accessibility

The first way VoIP has an impact on customer service is by making that service available to consumers around-the-clock. This technology doesn’t just make it a breeze to contact your customer service team. It allows callers to contact individual staff members even when those people are out of the office.

VoIP can redirect an incoming call to a staff member’s mobile phone no matter where in the world that person might be. Alternatively, VoIP can enable one call to ring on several phones until someone picks up the call. Either way, VoIP can decrease the likelihood that a caller will have to leave a voicemail — a task no one ever looks forward to because it means they’ll have to wait for a much-anticipated response.

Converts Voicemails to Emails

While taking steps to reduce the number of times people have to leave voicemails is possible, it’s virtually impossible to eliminate voicemail entirely as of now. Luckily, VoIP can have an impact on customer satisfaction by making you aware of your voicemails quicker.

A conventional phone system requires you to check your voicemail to review your messages. VoIP empowers you to get your phone messages via email. VoIP technology will convert your voicemails into text and send them to you through email. Even if you’re in a meeting, you can stay abreast of your voicemails discreetly using this technology, enabling you to prioritize your messages well before you’re able to respond to them.

Facilitates Direct Access

Have you ever called a company and talked to one agent only to have to repeat your story to one or more other representatives? Like you, customers find it frustrating to have to repeat themselves. In addition to it being a waste of a customer’s time, multiple staff members having to listen to the same tale told by the same person is an inefficient use of your own resources.

With VoIP, every member of your team can have their own phone number and extension. This makes it simple for consumers to contact the same person they’d talked to on a previous occasion. Instead of having to rehash their story, consumers can simply pick up where they left off, which will keep frustration at bay and lead to quicker resolution times.

Enables Agents to Delight Customers

Today, customers don’t just want to have their issues resolved. Instead, they want to experience delight whenever they reach out to a business. You can enable your agents to delight callers with VoIP because the technology allows your staff to access a caller’s personal information with the click of a button. This information will include a person’s previous interactions with your business, which is information your employees can act on to provide a highly personalized customer service experience.

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