Is VoIP Right for You?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive transcribed voicemail messages via email? Do you want to make it seem like your business has a local presence with a relevant area code even though your headquarters are physically located across the country? Does the convenience of being able to take business calls from any location without having them patched over to your smartphone appeal to you?

If you want a phone system that enables you to do all those things — and more —you may want to consider making the switch to VoIP phone service. VoIP is “voice over internet protocol,” and it is a technology that allows calls to take place online, similar to the way you can send emails over the internet. In addition to allowing you to make and receive calls, VoIP technology has some capabilities that traditional phone systems typically lack.

Which Businesses Should Use VoIP?

If you’re wondering which businesses are candidates for VoIP, you should know that every organization is. The technology is less expensive than conventional phone systems, and it’s scalable. Those attributes make VoIP a wise choice for small businesses, large organizations and companies of all sizes in between those extremes across industries.

When to Switch to VoIP

While any sized business in any industry can switch to VoIP if it has an internet connection, some business leaders are reluctant to move away from more traditional means of communication. If you’re trying to figure out if VoIP is right for your business, it can help to see how your organization compares to others that already use the technology.

Here are some of the top concerns that often lead businesses to switch to VoIP regardless of the vertical they’re in:

  • Cost: VoIP calls are conducted over the internet, not traditional phone lines. By making the switch to VoIP, you can eliminate your company’s phone bill because VoIP calls are mostly free — with the exception of calls made to a landline from a PC, which may have a modest service fee.
  • Mobility: VoIP phone service will work in any location as long as you have an internet connection. This service will even work in foreign countries where cellphones with U.S. numbers won’t.
  • Features: A typical VoIP phone service includes an array of sought-after features at no additional charge, such as call waiting, caller ID and call forwarding.
  • Customer Service: Whether your business is B2C or B2B, providing excellent customer service is an absolute must for your continued success. With VoIP, your agents will be able to see a client’s history, which will enable your representatives to provide personalized service and delight your callers.
  • Accessibility: With VoIP, your employees can have their own phone numbers and extensions, which will make it easy for callers to reach the specific agent they spoke to on previous occasions and allow for seamless customer service.
  • Local Presence: Many people want to do business with local organizations. You can make it seem like you have a presence in a given area with VoIP because you can get a number with a local area code even when your business is located far away.

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