Call Center Solutions with EVS7A common myth among small businesses is that upgrading to advanced telemarketing technologies is always a cost intensive affair. The reality, however, is that they have the option to choose from a number of tailor-made telemarketing software solutions for small businesses without having to break the bank. Small businesses can leverage automated telemarketing tools to streamline communication and minimize operational costs, while improving the performance of their agents. This blog post provides some easy tips on how to upgrade to custom telemarketing software for small businesses.

Implementing Tailored Solutions

The first step is to look for a custom solution that meets your business requirements and improves the customer service and phone interactions. A customized call center software solution has a host of in-built features such as real-time monitoring, call recording, and customized reports, which make it a handy tool for both managers and agents.

Integration with Current Architecture

The telephony architecture and business environments differ in small and large call center set-ups. Many vendors provide function-specific options that are specifically detailed and also “restructured” to suit the needs of small businesses. SMBs can get rid of the elaborate data structure that is not required for a small customer base and get access to a finite set of products and services. Additionally, small call centers can also opt for a hosted telesales software solution. It is advisable to consult a company that installs useful interfaces for customer relationship management (CRM) and call handling into the existing telephone system.

Employee Training

An advanced telemarketing software is user-friendly and ideal for providing competent support services. In addition, your sales agents require no formal qualifications or training to operate such software. The end-user interface of a top-of-the-line telemarketing software for small businesses is simple and takes minimal time to train agents. In addition, all reputable cloud-based telemarketing solution providers also offer post-implementation training to help your staff understand the operational nuances and begin real-time production right away.

The BIG Question: Cloud vs. Legacy Solutions

Compared to legacy options, cloud-based telemarketing software solutions are more effective in keeping costs to the minimum. Cloud software are hosted on a virtual server, and are accessible from any part of the world, online. Such solutions enable users easily share their resources. Another key benefit is that a leading cloud telemarketing software provider takes care of all the maintenance requirements, and eliminates the cost of keeping a dedicated staff to do the job.


Upgrading to a cloud-based call center software may prove to be a worthwhile investment for small and mid-sized businesses. All you need to do is hire the right vendor that provides you with a customized solution within your budget. Should you wish to learn more about telemarketing software options for small businesses, our consultants are just a phone away. You can reach us at 1-888-981-3099 or 1-972-713-6622.

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