per Although deploying a comprehensive and robust outbound telemarketing software solution is an indispensable requisite for call center operations, it is definitely not the only requirement needed to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive business world. The performance of your call center agents is a crucial element in  the  long term success of your business. Whether your call center is inbound, outbound, or a blend of both, if you  improve the performance of your agents using the telemarketing software, you will increase your profitability and business growth.   Let’s take a closer look.

Determine Your Needs

Smart management leads your organization to achieve optimum productivity. The first step is to manage time. Given the fact that determining and managing call center seat utilization ratio is a always a challenge, it is essential to keep in mind all miscellaneous factors, such as training, breaks, downtime and time off, while calculating this element. When evaluating the strengths of agents required to handle the inflow of calls during any specific interval or shift, make sure you factor in their corresponding skills and shift preferences if you operate in a 24×7 environment. In addition, always ensure that you are never under-staffed, as it may to extended wait times for callers and lost business.

Create a Healthy Work Culture

Relationships and culture play a key role in all aspects of our lives, especially work. Ironically, workplace culture often takes a backseat in call centers burning the midnight oil. In most cases, the agents are accountable for their own deliverables, and there seems to be a palpable degree of separation leading to an environment that is not conducive to collaboration and healthy communication. A happy, healthy workplace culture increases encourages people to deliver their personal best. Plenty of research affirms that work culture has a notable impact on employee performance, and the impact increases in boiler-room environments. Therefore, it is extremely important to create an environment where like minded people can collaboratively nurture their skills and drive their performance to grow over time. Especially in call centers, it is important to recognize the unique skill sets and attributes of each of your employees and manage them individually towards a baseline of excellence.

Value Agents as Your Biggest Assets

Employee-centric organizations flourish and we have more than a few examples of that – sample blue-chip pioneers such as Google and Twitter, or a retail giant such as Costco. One way to establish the equilibrium is involving your people in important decisions. Engage your employees, where appropriate, for  input and suggestions. This creates a more open environment  for honest feedback of all types and increases the ideas being generated inside the workplace. As they say, all boats rise with the tide. When your agents start believing that they are important elements of the organization, they will give their personal best leading to greater commitment, ownership, and, of course, productivity.

Create Comprehensive Execution Plans and Goals

Every call center needs to have a clearly laid out action plan for its agents, which must include daily, weekly and monthly targets, along guidelines for quality, error/issue management, escalation order, etc. When you provide your agents with a clear action-plan, they are in a much better position to deliver their best. In addition, detailed skill mapping also helps you to allocate responsibilities and tasks to the most qualified resources. For instance, you can assign the most important task to employees with the highest skill-set based on goals achieved.


Your call center’s productivity depends on a variety of factors, ranging from a fully customizable outbound call center software solution to skill level and employee satisfaction. Understanding these elements becomes imperative when it comes to devising strategies to optimize the performance of your call center agents and fuel business growth. All in all, in addition to leveraging the right tools to get the job done, you also need skilled professionals capable of utilizing them to the fullest. Hope this brief read helps you enhance the productivity of your call center agents. Comments and questions, welcome.
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