Phone Sales Tips

Like anything, making phone sales takes practice and experience.  When you start to become really successful there is absolutely nothing like it!  Experience isn’t everything though, which is why we have put together some of our best phone sales tips together for you.   If you are starting to struggle a little bit in closing those deals that you get so close to, here are some phone sales tips to help you improve:

    • Pay attention to the small things. If a customer mentions something unique or personal make a note of it so that you can show them that you are listening.
    • Always remember to introduce yourself! There is nothing more off-putting than a phone sales conversation starting where the customer has no idea who you are.
    • Try to schedule a face to face meeting. It is often much easier to close a sales deal when you are talking to someone face to face.
    • Always be polite, even if the other person is not. That is their problem, and you do not want to sink to their level by returning the rudeness.
    • If in doubt, repeat. It can be very difficult to hear some people at times, but it is best to repeat yourself and make sure that you heard correctly, than to carry on with that misunderstanding.
    • After your phone call, make sure that you follow up. It will keep you in their minds, and mean that you will stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Smile! It makes a real difference to your tone of voice, and people can tell.

These are the very top phone sales tips that we have used over the years, and we know that they can make a real difference to the number of deals that you close.

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