Planning Sales Goals

A New Year, a new start – that is how many of your competitors will be thinking, and it will be down to you to ensure that you maintain you good connections with your current clients, and bring in new ones. It is often very difficult to think about things like that in the long term, which is why we really recommend that as you go into January, you think about sales goals that you can make that will see how you progress throughout the year. It is through setting these goals, working towards them, and then comparing your actual results to see how close you were to them, that you can really start to measure success.

However, that is often much easier said than done. After all, how do you go about setting sales goals? Here are some tips to help you get started in the right direction:

Be adventurous.

These are goals, not expectations, so you should let your mind wander and think about what you would really love to achieve this year, if you could do anything. Whether it is doubling your sales each quarter, or retaining a better percentage of your previous customers, if you do not aim big then you will be much less likely to actually achieve something impressive with your sales.

Be realistic.

This may seem counter productive considering the last point, but it is definitely worth keeping in mind.  Shoot for the stars, but don’t make outrageous goals you’ll have no chance of hitting.

 Be marketing.

Once you have made those goals, you actually need to do something about it, and the first place to start is marketing. If no one is hearing about you, no one can purchase from you. Ensuring that your marketing aligns with your goals is crucial and takes some real hard work and planning.  Really engaging with your target audience is the best way to bring your sales goals to fruition.  Do you have the sales management software or technology to keep up and track your goals?  That is critical too.

 Be communicative.

Now you need to start talking to your sales teams. Letting them know what the company is going to be striving for in 2015 is the perfect way to make those goals realities, because at the end of the day, they are the people that can really bring those goals to life. When you are communicating those sales goals to your teams effectively, they will be able to take on those goals themselves, and make them personal.

 Be encouraging.

Yes, you will need to ensure that your sales teams are working hard and working with your sales goals in mind, but you also need to be encouraging them. Celebrate every small win with them, keeping your communication open and clear at all times. This will enable your sales teams to feel positive about their work, and will keep them reaching for those sales goals. As you can see, planning sales goals for this new year is not complicated or frightening – and it can make an amazing difference to the way that your company succeeds in this 2015. Start planning your sales goals now so that you can be celebrating all of your fantastic achievements in twelve months time!

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