Analyze the two situations below:


Situation 1 – You call a bank to get advice on a specific transaction, however, the bank makes you wait 15 minutes due to an inefficient software installed on their inbound call software.

Situation 2 – You call a bank and within moments , the call agent has a comprehensive check of your account and provides you the information you need.

Question: Which bank service are you more likely to use?

Having top-notch customer service these days is not only about the skill set of your call agents. It is also about  your inbound call center software and how good it is at directing calls to the right agents.  In the absence of either one of these resources, you could lose the most important competitive advantage on the market today: customer satisfaction.

Balancing Quantity and Quality

Growing your business requires increasing your customer database, which means more inbound calls, and more calls per agent. While managers are in need of quantitative and qualitative metrics, customers are likely to give ear to agents who sound more human. Given the fact that call center environments are monotonous- you may have to answer many calls without any breaks – the lack of an efficient inbound call center software can make the situation worse. Slow pop-ups and sluggish CRMs hamper your performance. Consequently, customer interactions will become more strained for agent and customer and you’ll lose customers to competitors.

Utilizing Technology to Nurture Confidence

Technology, if utilized wisely, can instill confidence in your agents. When your agents have access to the latest inbound call center software, features such as caller Id and intuitive screen pop ups that display comprehensive details of your customers are common. Consequently, your agents are able to discharge their duties more purposefully. Customers are smart enough to decipher the difference between confident and knowledgeable agents and those lacking any such vital attributes. Again, cloud-based calling solutions give your agents the freedom to work regardless of their geographical location – all that’s needed is a good internet connection and a headset for you to get started. At the same time, striving to keep your customers satisfied through an ideal solution, indirectly helps your agent gain more confidence, as they know that their efforts are in vain and they have the best technology on their side. Resultantly, increased leads and sales become a natural outcome.

Numerous companies, including ICMI or International Customer Management Institute show that major call center agents experience high stress levels during their shifts. Employing an efficient inbound call center software, makes your agents’ work easier and cultivates a healthy call center environment.

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