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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is not just about making cost-effective phone calls; it’s a tool that simplifies the way businesses conduct themselves. Unlike the traditional PBX systems, it allows combining voice, data and video as one, easy-to-manage service. It uses Internet data network to make calls to other phones wherein all conversations are sent as ‘data-packets’ over the data network. The technology is quite popular and is phasing out the conventional phone systems. VoIP consists of advanced communication features while still maintaining connections to the traditional systems through an optional gateway. The blog discusses some reasons why a small business benefit greatly by adopting the VoIP system.

Easy to use

The system operates as VoIP dialer software on a computer. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing phone system that is familiar to employees while improving the quality of the system. VoIP allows easy navigation through phone interfaces to set up call forwarding, holding or accessing voicemail even from remote locations.

Allows hot-desking and portability

Many businesses indulge in a process known as hot-desking, which means they frequently move offices or even desks based on the task at hand. Traditional PBX systems require telephone extensions to be relaid at the new location. When you have a VoIP, you can pick up your phone and place it on your new desk. Similarly, it simplifies the process of working-from-home. All you need to do is connect to your extension with the help of the VoIP dialer software, and use the phone as you do in office.

Reduced expenses

VoIP systems are affordable to maintain as compared to a conventional PBX system. The initial setup is inexpensive as it can be used with the phones already in place and eliminates the use of wiring, which further reduces installation and maintenance costs. More importantly, connectivity over the internet, to make long distance and overseas calls, drastically cuts down phone bills as you only pay for the internet usage.

Improved customer service and productivity

Traditional systems require a multiple step process to access client records, and the response to customers is in a tardy manner. Business applications can be integrated with phone functions, like automatically bringing up the client records upon receipt of the call from their registered number. It improves the efficiency and overall productivity of the telemarketers with the usage of a VoIP system.


Any business has the likelihood to grow with time. Growth leads to expansion, and if you have a VoIP system in place, you don’t need to invest in additional hardware products to facilitate the expansion. The same computer and VoIP dialer software can easily handle a large number of phone lines, and all you need to add is more phones to the network.


As the demand for cost-effective, secure global communication channels continues to be one of the major concerns for businesses globally, 2016 is poised to see an even greater surge in popularity of the VoIP dialer software. If you are one of the businesses contemplating to switch to VoIP, get in touch with one of our experts and we will be happy to help you take the plunge.

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