bigstock-Call-center-employees-at-workDigitalization has completely transformed logistics in the commerce industry. The result is a 360-degree turn in commerce transactions, with fewer people visiting physical stores, while a large segment choosing to go the virtual way. The basic needs for every business, however, remain the same: sustainability and growth. Given the fact that a seamless connection with customers is paramount to boost sales and cultivate unwavering client relationships, every e-commerce platform needs to have tools that are fast and precise – tools such as VoIP predictive dialer.

A VoIP predictive dialer not only provides quick accessibility to your customers, it also nurtures profitability and helps establish your brand among target audiences. Let’s delve deeper.

Brand Reputation

Reputation is the cornerstone of your business, and once tarnished, it may take a long time to be rebuilt. That is the reason why it is imperative for businesses to ensure customer concerns are addressed and resolved at the earliest. Integrated with your e-commerce site, a VoIP predictive dialer facilitates first call resolutions, promising a notable enhancement in customer satisfaction and establishing you as a credible player in your segment. Its sophisticated algorithms transfer calls to the right agents, thereby minimizing the hassles for your customers and augmenting your brand’s image.

Support Efficiency

When you are in the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, every second counts. In order to streamline your business and realize its true potential, it is important to ensure your agents do not waste time in dialing numbers manually or connecting to answering machines. Automated dialing through a VoIP predictive dialer reduces idle time by immediately connecting only live calls with available agents. In addition, by discarding busy, fax and disconnected calls, VoIP dialer enhances the efficiency of your service lines and helps reduce the overall cost.


Unlike legacy telecom solutions that demanded extensive hardware, VoIP predictive dialers require nothing more than a multimedia computer and Internet connection. Browser supported dialers even eliminate the cost and hassles involved in installing and maintaining software solutions or plug-ins, and the best part is that they are compatible with all popular platforms, including Windows, iOS and Android. In addition, deploying a VoIP dialer inhibits the number of agents required to address the call volume, by adjusting the dialing rate as per agent availability.

Manage Multiple Campaigns

Ecommerce businesses often need to focus on multiple campaigns in order to accomplish their business objectives. VoIP predictive dialers allow you to upload multiple prospect lists, each targeted at a certain audience. Consequently, your agents do away with the worry of uploading phone number lists and devote their complete more on introducing your offerings and leading calls to a fruitful conclusion. Latest VoIP predictive dialers come with an array of features, such as call recording and monitoring along with real-time performance metrics.

Final Words

Though the world of ecommerce embeds countless opportunities for every direct sales business, in order to succeed in this rapidly intensifying arena, leveraging the latest in technology to optimize operations is no longer a choice. Predictive VoIP dialer, a comprehensive web-enabled communication tool, helps ecommerce businesses to streamline customer communications, minimize wait times for customers and prospects, and maximize the efficiency of their support lines. All in all, if you are yet to experience the difference it can make, you are yet to realize the true potential of your business.

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