Lead Nurturing Strategy

So what is lead nurturing strategy?  Let’s define lead nurturing first.  Put simply, it means taking precious care of your leads and investing time and energy in them, in the hope that long term they will reward you and your company with business.  Doing this is easier said than done, which is why it’s vital to have a strategy.  All leads are different, and part of the strategy is how you classify these leads and nurture them to fruition (closing the sale). A lead nurturing strategy can be short term or a long term game.  For your longer term leads, it isn’t going to transform your business or your numbers over night.  Over 80% of leads don’t convert until you’ve made contact with them between 5-12 times.  Lead nurturing allows you to do that effectively.

Here are some tips for perfecting your lead nurturing strategy.   Think about what would make sense for your business.

  1. Give, Don’t Take

In today’s era, prospects don’t want a hard sell pitch.  Chances are, they’ve already checked out your website, read your blog, seen your posts on facebook, and watched your videos on youtube.  With so much information out there, customers often have a good idea of what your company offers.  By giving a free trial, delivering a timely whitepaper or useful article, the prospect will appreciate your approach.   This is especially important in the earlier stages of lead nurturing when you need to gain trust.  Be a company that provides value to your prospects.

  1. Segment Your Leads

No two leads are exactly the same, but a lot of them will have things in common. This means that you should be able to group your leads into categories, and this can help you to create specific lead nurturing strategies for each group, tailoring the way you approach them to purposefully appeal to them. There is a little more leg work involved in this, but you can very quickly reap the rewards.  Customers will be in different stages of your buying process.  Leads that have already finished their trial period shouldn’t be receiving emails encouraging them to try your product.  It’s helpful if you have a competent sales acceleration software that can help you setup drip email campaigns based on the stage the prospect is in.  You may also hear this referred to as marketing automation.

  1. Be Consistent & Persistent

Don’t smother your leads, but checking in with them with a personalized email or call can demonstrate to them that they are important to you. After all, you are using up your precious time on them. Everyone loves to feel wanted, and you’ll probably find that your leads are much happier to work with you, buy from you, or invest from you if they feel that they are already valuable to you.  Again, when you follow up with your leads, it’s better to have a purpose other than simply for “checking in.”  Engage with them by asking a question, sending an article, or providing some content that they might find useful.

Your business is unique and so your lead nurturing strategy should be unique too.  Think about it from a customer perspective when you are going through the buying process.

Looking for an all in one solution that can manage your business and provide valuable lead nurturing?  Learn more about our Koala Cloud CRM & Call Center.

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