The Best Way to Train Employees to Help Frustrated Customers

The high amount of new, sophisticated call center technology has been specifically designed to streamline and simplify operations, but sadly, it doesn’t always succeed. As a call center employee, you’re likely in the unfortunate position of being the last step of an irate customer’s experience. While working with these angry customers, it’s important to remain cool and calm while being helpful and solving their problem — advice that’s likely easier said than done in many circumstances. Dealing with frustrated customers is never easy, but with a few simple steps, you can decrease solution times, increase employee productivity and improve customer relationships.

Dealing With Frustrated Customers in a Call Center

When you’re handling a frustrated customer, keep the following tips in mind to ensure a smooth service call and keep the customer calm and happy:
  • Stay collected: When someone is on the phone and yelling at you, it can be difficult to avoid being offended, but it’s crucial to separate their anger from you personally. Focus on better understanding their issue, reassuring them with a kind, responsive point of view and offering empathy and understanding of the problem they’re experiencing.
  • Repeat the facts: Restating facts can help eliminate some of the tension and encourage customers to define an adequate solution to their issues. By repeating the facts, you can also show the customer that you’re actively listening, helping identify problem areas and working with them to find a suitable solution.
  • Proactively offer solutions: As a customer service agent, it’s your job to offer a solution to the customer’s problem, even if it isn’t the solution they had hoped for. By recommending solutions, positively stating why it’s the best way to solve their problem and never outright saying no to any of their requests, you can access more efficient and effective outcomes.
  • Maintain a positive attitude: Having an upbeat attitude can be difficult when an irate person is yelling at you over the phone, but a positive outlook will eventually begin to erode their negativity and help you find a resolution quicker. Always resist the urge to become angry or confrontational.
  • Be human: Anyone who has ever been on the line with a customer service agent understands how frustrating it is when you have a nervous or careless individual just reading from a script — these scripts rarely address the complexity of the problem or the intelligence of the person on the other end of the line. By adding personality and a relatable point of view, you can speed up the conflict resolution process and better calm the customer.

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