Sales Management Tools
9 Call Metrics Sales Managers Should Track

As a manager, it can be hard to track the progress and results of the operations in the company. That’s why call metrics come in handy! Save yourself time and money by implementing these 9 call center metrics.  Call Metric #1: Calls Until a Conversion Your agents call anywhere from 50-80 prospects a day, but

Telephone Answering Service Equipment
How to Start an Answering Service: All You Need To Know

Entering into the TAS (Telephone Answering Service) industry has never been more affordable or achievable than it is in 2020. The need for outsourcing inbound calls is a rapidly growing demand for businesses that are expanding and want to be cost effective and resourceful with their time. When starting a TAS, however, there are a

Medical Call Center
Choosing a Medical Call Center

A medical industry call center is crucial to stable and supportive communication between healthcare providers and patients. In an industry where locations receive high call volumes and need a guaranteed stable connection, EVS7 can provide a cloud-based calling system that makes answering phones easy and reliable. The Difference Between Standard and Medical Answering Software Medical