CRM with Dialer for Calling

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The affordable all in one solution that combines a powerful, yet easy to use lead management CRM  with calling  service included. 15,000+ customers and counting trust EVS7 as a leading provider in the industry for 27 years.

CRM with Cloud Dialer

Take Control of Your Business

Dolphin Cloud Dialer with CRM empowers managers and agents to make more calls, manage their leads, and drive more revenue.  Increase dials by over 300% as opposed to calling by hand.  Drop pre-recorded voicemail messages on answering machines and instantly move onto another call.  With truly unlimited calling, this all-in-one CRM Dialer has the tools to take your business to the next level.

  • Fire off emails and texts with a click
  • Advanced reporting with real time analytics
  • Beautiful dashboard gives you instant access to statistics, users logged in, and call backs

Why You Need a CRM with Dialer for Calling

Why do you need CRM Dialer software for your hosted call center? While the organizational advantages of a CRM with dialer software are probably clear, what it really comes down to is speed. If you respond to a lead within five minutes, you’re 20 times more likely to get a response than if you wait an hour. With a normal call-center setup without CRM software, your agents lose tremendous amounts of time searching for their leads, calling the numbers and trying to connect. With a CRM call center, that information is all on your computer and accessible instantly. One click gets your staff from one call to the next, without any loss of time. Your operation goes from the equivalent of a manual production chain to a well-oiled assembly line. With the right dialer and CRM software, the kind you get with our Dolphin cloud call center, you can even leave a voicemail message instantly while moving on to the next call, so there’s no loss of productivity whatsoever when someone doesn’t answer. That saved time can really add up over hundreds of calls.

How Does the Dolphin CRM with Power Dialer Work?

What makes Dolphin call-center dialer technology special? How does it work to maximize the benefits of call-center application software for you? A CRM cloud contact center like Dolphin takes your call-center telephony to the next level by minimizing costs and maximizing ease of use. When you have Dolphin CRM with dialer enabled, the whole world becomes your integrated call center. Your employees can log on and have access to all the necessary lead information right at their fingertips from anywhere in the world, so they can start dialing anytime, anywhere. Dolphin also allows you to take advantage of the features you need to manage your call center most effectively, like call monitoring, call coaching, call recording, call transfers and conferencing. Dolphin allows you to easily organize and use multiple functions of your call center, including lead management, lead nurturing, market automation, and even email marketing and outlook integration. You can do all this without the need of any telephones or telephone lines! In addition to the bottom-line value of using Dolphin, which includes unlimited calling throughout the U.S. and Canada at no extra cost, the system is customizable by user. There’s also no contract or obligation, just a month-to-month arrangement. It’s easy to see why more people are choosing the Dolphin CRM call-center system as their No. 1 cloud-based call-center solution.

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