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Sample voicemail script for Prospecting and Following up with Leads

Leaving a voicemail message that is actually done well and generates a return call is somewhat of a dying art. That is primarily because many people have simply not been trained accurately for leaving voicemail messages. A great deal of harm can be done to your chances of closing a sale if crafting your voicemail message isn’t made a priority. In order to best maximize your business opportunities, this article will take you through some simple dos and don’ts, a sample voicemail script that you can adapt for your own usage, and some tactics on how to convert those voicemail messages into call backs and sales. {}


This Vital Tip Will Make Your Voice Mails More Effective

The experiment: In a trial conducted for the sales and marketing consultancy Corporate Visions, researchers monitored two subtly different types of pitches from a bank. The pitch to one group of potential customers began like this:…{}

Managing call-backs in the call centre

It’s simple to throw technology or people at the challenge of managing call-backs in the call centre but it’s far more difficult to manage the process to deliver optimal outcomes. Richard Farrell explains how it can be done. {}  

8 Essential Tips on How to Make A Perfect Follow Up Call

Perhaps the single biggest mistake reps make is not establishing a specific date and time for the follow up call at the end of their initial call. Vague commitments from the prospects (“call me next week”) or the sales rep…{} 

5 Simple Ideas for Driving Sales Success

As companies dive into 2016 and consider new approaches for hitting their revenue targets, they will need to consider what has changed over the past year—with a particular focus on evolving trends in sales enablement and strategy—to help ensure a successful year ahead.{} 
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