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How to Leave a Pre-Recorded Voicemail to Get More Callbacks

In an industry driven by sales and quotas, time is of the essence, and many sales representatives don’t bother leaving voicemails so that they may go on to the next call. While phone sales tips can help you with live calls, many calls, however, will end up at the sound of a voicemail and you could be losing valuable opportunities every day. {}


How to Sell Using Voice Mail

Calling a decision-maker but getting voice mail again and again? Here’s how to get the ball moving, even without a live conversation. {}

Sales Voice Mail Statistics: Is Leaving a Message Worth It?

Sales Question: “Can you PROOVE that leaving voicemails are worth it? What have you found to be the average % of returned calls? What are the statistics?” {}  

I Left a Voice Mail — Why Don’t They Call Me Back?

Have you heard yourself saying, “I am so sick of making calls, leaving voice mails and not getting anyone to return my phone calls!” Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Why don’t they call me back?” “Am I being avoided?” “Am I being too PUSHY?” {} 

Get an Answer Already! How to Deal With People Who Won’t Respond

Do you ever feel like you’re shouting into a black hole when you send an email or leave a voicemail for someone? You put your request out into the universe—and then sit at your desk with your fingers crossed, hoping for a timely response. {} 
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