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Inbound Calling for Call Centers

Call centers handling inbound calling take calls initiated by the customer and are usually either customer service or sales related. Depending on the type of company though, customers call in for a variety of reasons including inbound sales, technical support, customer service, or simply returning a call from an agent outbound calling. In 2014, there were over 200 billion minutes of inbound calling in the United States. Many companies have different campaigns, branches, or levels of support, so it’s vital for call centers to have the flexibility with their software to route calls to the appropriate department or group as quickly as possible. {}


Inbound Calls: Your Company’s Biggest Untapped Lead Resource?

As a marketer, you’re responsible for driving leads that ultimately convert to revenue. But it’s very possible you may be overlooking a valuable source of leads: inbound calls. That’s right — smartphones aren’t just mini computers. People are actually using their phones to make calls to businesses. {}

The Top 10 Call Tracking Benefits You Should Know

Smartphones. Marketing. Phone calls. Three separate elements, yet when combined together highlight a trend in the number of customer engagements marketers will have to optimize: BIA/Kelsey predicts that mobile marketing will drive 162 billion calls to US businesses by 2019. {}  

Three ways to drive more value from your inbound calls

Marketers are well aware of the growing importance of mobile in reaching today’s consumers and are shifting their marketing budgets accordingly. Let’s not forget one thing though: all of those smartphones can make phone calls too. And your mobile marketing is generating lots of calls. {} 

Your Brand Promise: What Customers Hear You Say and What They Actually Get

“When I hear how our people talk to our customers, I cringe.” This was said to me recently by someone calling to inquire about customer service training.  {} 
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