Phone Dialer Software for Home Repair/Improvement Companies

The life of a homeowner is busy with work, errands and a weekend Netflix binge. Many homeowners send their home repairs or improvements to an experienced company such as your own.

Phone dialer software for your home repair company helps you grow your client list beyond word-of-mouth references or internet searches. Instead of letting clients come to you, make the switch and expand your customer list with phone dialer software.

home improvement phone dialer

Raise Your Revenue With Phone Dialer Systems

At EVS7, we don’t mind bragging about our client’s accomplishments. If anything, we’re the proud parent. Our phone dialers have helped companies increase their calls by 115 percent or raise their sales to 60 per week through our cost-effective dialer software.

Use our phone dialer for your home repair company to raise your revenue and expand your client list. Reach four times as many contacts and increase your calling efforts by 400 percent in comparison to the old-fashioned method of dialing by hand and using up your calling minutes.

Monitor your team’s calls or hop in on a group call to talk to a lead. All our systems offer unlimited minutes for calls to the U.S. and Canada, so you’re free to talk until a prospect moves from a cold to hot disposition.

Consider using a calling list to reach ideal prospects. You can filter your list with key factors for a home repair company, such as homeowner status or credit rating.

Choose a Phone Dialer for Your Home Repair Company

Choose from our selection of phone dialers to meet your home improvement company’s budget, needs and goals. Our home improvement phone dialers include:

  • Cricket Click Dialer: Call with a single click and start your first unlimited call with Cricket Click Dialer. Personalize your caller ID with any 10-digit number and record your calls to protect you and your clients. This phone dialer solution ensures no delays or dropped calls and is ideal for small businesses. It’s also compatible with any web-based CRM.
  • Parrot Predictive Dialer: Make five calls simultaneously with our Parrot Predictive Caller. The system uses mathematical formulas to adjust its dialing rates. Companies like Patriot Energy have used this phone dialer to make 75,000 calls each week, which is why we credit the full-blown call center with boosting calling efforts by 400 percent. Improve and measure your team’s progress with a live dashboard.
  • Dolphin Power Dialer: Transfer or hold conference calls with our Dolphin Power Dialer, which includes many of the same features of our Cricket Click Dialer. Use our phone list manager to import, edit, sort and remove phone numbers. Maintain and update your scrub list each month to obey Do Not Call laws.

EVS7 isn’t on any Do Not Call lists, so give us a call if you have questions about which phone dialer is best for your home repair company. Try any of our phone dialer systems before you subscribe by taking advantage of our available free trials.