Phone Dialer Software for Mortgage Companies

Whether you’re a mortgage broker, agent or loan officer, you’re always on the hunt for your next lead. The real estate market’s highs and lows have transformed the mortgage industry into a new, more competitive field.

Give yourself a competitive edge with our unlimited calling phone dialer software for mortgage companies. But try to keep up, because your calls are going to jump by 400 percent.

phone dialer for mortgage companies

Grow Your Mortgage Company With Phone Dialer Systems

You’re probably wondering, “Just how are my calls going to go up that much?” Well, our mortgage company phone dialers at EVS7 are designed to do a few different things. Our phone dialers help you:

  • Place more calls.
  • Use a local caller ID.
  • Follow up with leads and prospects.
  • Generate reports on good and bad leads.
  • Make summary notes on phone calls.
  • Leave pre-recorded voicemails.
  • Coach your mortgage company’s team.

Mortgage companies with our phone dialer systems build their team’s efficiency and productivity, helping them reach more prospects and start the loan and credit approval process.

You can also search for your ideal customer by purchasing telemarketing lists. Filter lists by homeowner status, credit rating, age and estimated income to find leads that are your perfect match.

Our Phone Dialers for Mortgage Companies

Reach that 400 percent call boost with the right phone dialer for your mortgage company. Because every business has its individual quirks and needs, we offer a few phone dialer software options:

  • Cricket Click Dialer: Stop the cricket chirp of dropped telemarketer calls with our Cricket Click Dialer. Make unlimited calls throughout the U.S. and Canada with our “so simple your grandma could use it” interface. If you’re confused at all, just reach out to our tech support team. Real estate groups, the workplace cousin of mortgage companies, love the system’s three-way calling, personalized caller ID and pre-recorded voicemail features. Companies have increased their dials by 115 percent with the Cricket Click Dialer.
  • Parrot Predictive Dialer: Ask for crackers and get a converted lead with our Parrot Predictive Dialer. It’s a fair tradeoff — we think, at least. This phone dialer system boosts your mortgage company’s productivity by calling five lines per agent and automatically transferring calls as needed.
  • Dolphin Power Dialer: Turn on that Flipper charm and get those credit checks started with our Dolphin Power Dialer. Access the same Cricket Click Dialer benefits, plus stay organized with our phone list manager and lead profiles. Companies using Dolphin Power Dialer have boosted their client appointments by 150 percent.

Up for learning more about an EVS7 phone dialer system for your mortgage company? Want to take it for a spin? You can do both. Contact us to learn more or start a free trial today!