How Pre-Recorded Voicemail Messages Work

If your company utilizes call center marketing, one of the most important tools in your arsenal will be an automated voicemail generator. This is simply a program that allows you to create pre-recorded voice messages that stay in your computer system so you can drop them into any voicemail box you encounter during your calls. The ability to leave pre-recorded phone messages for your call recipients can be a tremendous boon to your business for a number of reasons.

Here’s what you need to know about why pre-recorded voicemail can be such an advantage to your business and about the best way to create and leave pre-recorded voicemail messages.

How to Create Professional and Personal Voicemail Greetings

Creating an effective pre-recorded voicemail is simple. Start by creating a brief script that outlines why you’re calling. You’ll pretty much want to say what you would say if someone picked up the phone, but more briefly — in about a minute or less — and end with a phone number where the recipient can call back to reach you for more information.

Practice the script for time and to make sure it sounds natural. When you’re ready, access your automated dialer software. Click the button to record a voicemail and begin. When you’re done, you can listen to your message, and if it’s satisfactory, keep it. If not, delete it and start over.

If you are using EVS7 automated dialer software, you can generate up to five pre-recorded voicemail messages to choose from, in case you want variety or may be calling at different stages of the marketing process. When using your automated dialer software, as soon as you hear that you’ve reached a voicemail recorder, you can just say, “Hi, [the call recipient’s name],” and then click to drop in your voicemail message.

Benefits of Pre-Recorded Voice Messages

One of the main benefits of having a pre-recorded voicemail at the ready is that you never get caught off guard. There’s no fumbling for what to say when you reach a voicemail box instead of a person. Just say hi and drop in your pre-recorded voicemail.

An even bigger benefit is that when using EVS7 software, you can start on the next call immediately. You don’t have to wait to complete a voicemail message. Just press the button and you’re on to the next call while the software is recording your pre-recorded voicemail on the other line.

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Pre-Recorded Voicemail Tips

Be sure to plan and practice your message. You want it to sound natural and enthusiastic without seeming overly excited or solicitous. You also want to make sure it doesn’t go on too long. Listen to your message before finishing. There’s no penalty for doing it over, and this is the message all your potential customers are going to hear, so keep doing it until you feel confident you’ve gotten it right.

Just about any industry that utilizes volume calling can see tremendous benefits from making good use of pre-recorded voicemail messages. To learn more about automated dialer software and how using it with pre-recorded voicemail can help your business, contact EVS7 for a free trial today.