To the best of our knowledge, these products, services, and companies are reputable and of high quality; however, we offer no guarantees, nor can we accept any responsibility or liability for these products, services, and companies.

Telephone Lists:

  • USA residential & business lists by state or entire country or by targeted demographics
    and Canada residential & business lists by province or entire country:
    Tel: 800-713-8353 or Web Site:
  • Area Code and Telephone Number Lookups:

DO NOT CALL (DNC) Scrubbing of Land Lines & Cell Phones:

Telemarketing Attorneys:

If You Need Agents:

  • For customers who want to hire an agent in the Philippines, we suggest contacting this Filipino lady who can find agents for you, including testing their internet service and screening them.
    Contact: Wendy Soriano - Email:

Sales Coaching - Script Writing - Appointment Setting - Cold Calling:

  • "Banish Fear and Turn Cold Calls to Cash..." Coaching and books by Wendy Weiss The Queen of Cold Calling,
    Tel: 866-220-4242 or 212-799-4389, Web Site:

Telephone & Headset Accessories:

  • USB Headsets and Bluetooth Headsets: Best Buy - Staples - Office Depot - Wal-Mart - Target - or perform and internet
  • "Zoom Switch" - Adapter for telephone headsets and wireless telephone headsets (such as Plantronics CS55) to work with VoIP services or Speedy Dialers:
    Visit or call 800-641-6416 x104
  • Two-Line Combiner/Splitter $5 each, EVS-Tel: 972-713-6622, E-mail:

Cloud Storage of Recorded Telephone Calls, etc:

EVS' software products include free recording to your hard drive, but here are some free/cheap Cloud Storage options:
Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive or Dropbox or MyCloud also at WD Store


EVS' software products include built-in recorders for your use to make pre-recorded messages, but if you wish to use recordings from other sources, please see below.
Recording Formats Required
For our VoIP products - 8,000 Sampling Rate, 16 Bit, Mono, Windows PCM (.wav)
For our Dialogic products - 8,000 Sampling Rate, 16 Bit, Mono, A/mu-Law
"Do It Yourself Recording Software"
  • "WavePad Audio Editing Software" for recording & editing: Search the internet for best pricing.
Recording Talent for Hire

Email and Faxing Software:

Dialogic Telephony Cards:

Models such as D4PCIUFEQ, D4PCIUFW, D120JCTLSW, D240JCTT1EW, D480JCT2T1EW, both Used/Refurbished and New cards available.

Computer Systems:

PCs, Computers and Servers with ISA slots and PCI slots available for your legacy hardware and industrial applications.