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Medical Call Center

A medical industry call center is crucial to stable and supportive communication between healthcare providers and patients. In an industry where locations receive high call volumes and need a guaranteed stable connection, EVS7 can provide a cloud-based calling system that makes answering phones easy and reliable.

The Difference Between Standard and Medical Answering Software

Medical answering software needs to handle an influx of calls as much as standard answering software, but there are far more requirements for engagement standards. Call centers for physicians have to be ready for calls at all hours while also remaining HIPAA compliant and catering to potentially distraught callers. In fact, metrics like the CMS star rating measure the quality of your customer service to show people how functional your contact system is.

Generally, callers to a medical establishment are looking for availability, efficiency and a solution to their problem on the first call.

What to Look for in a Physician Answering Service

If you’re looking to implement an answering service for your medical office, you should search for a few specific traits. With all the right qualities, your call center will help your patients feel heard and supported. Qualities to look for include:

  • Security: Your answering service should have high-level security that keeps patient calls private and manages sensitive information under HIPAA compliance.
  • Accessibility: To make your establishment accessible for all callers, your system should have multiple channels and language options that allow it to appeal to all patients.
  • Stability: Your service should have a strong and reliable internet connection ensuring that calls are clear and always connected to the caller.
  • Performance management: To make sure your calling system runs as efficiently and consistently as possible, your call center should have some form of performance management.

Why Choose a Medical Answering Service Software?

Medical call centers are crucial for answering patient questions and giving them the appropriate assistance. With medical answering service software, you can provide your patients with the care they expect and deserve, including HIPAA compliance and reliable service.

Along with giving your patients the attention they require, medical call centers can reduce the strain on your staff by keeping incoming calls organized and eliminating the clutter of after-hours messaging. The best part for many healthcare establishments is that these extensive services can be managed under one flat monthly rate.

When your call system runs well, you’ll have happier patients who will refer you to friends and family. This quality will improve overall brand awareness and lead to an excellent return on investment. The results speak for themselves, showing that medical answering service software is a wise investment for many practices.

Contact EVS7 for Your Healthcare Call Center

At EVS7, we want to provide the best possible call center for your medical establishment. Our HIPAA-compliant answering service will manage your calls efficiently to allow seamless patient assistance. With customizable greetings, note-taking abilities and secure transfers, we streamline calling through our cloud-based servers. Our system also offers live reports on agent communication and client breakdowns so that administrators can judge calling performance.

Help your patients with ease by contacting us about our medical answering service software.

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