Conference Calling Benefits

Is your team geographically dispersed? Do you have remote employees? Are you often sending salespeople to far-off locations to expand your business? Are your clients based all over the country or all over the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need conference call services. Email is a great way to stay connected, but it will never replace the ease and immediacy of a good old-fashioned phone call. Get your team together quickly and easily with conference calling services. Whether you run a major corporation or a small business, conference calling solutions will help you save money while furthering your reach.

What Is Conference Calling?

Conference calling has been around for decades. Just as the name implies, it involves meeting with a group of three or more people over the phone. Whether you’re on an important sales call with a potential customer abroad, uniting a remote-based team for training or simply patching in for a routine meeting, conference calling keeps your agents and clients connected to the home office.

Benefits of Conference Calling for Your Business

Whether you need to connect to your salespeople across the country or across campus or talk to clients abroad, conference calling is a great solution. Plus, you’ll experience many additional benefits when you use conference call services, including:

  1. Encrypted security: Conference calling is safe and secure, meaning you can have important conversations over the phone without compromising your business secrets. You can also, as a result, attract customers who may be paranoid about cybersecurity.
  2. Decreased cost: Being able to call customers across the country or around the world is a huge advantage of offering conference call services. Though some clients can only be won over through face-to-face interaction, others can be converted with a simple conference call with your team — meaning you can save on travel expenses and time that would otherwise be required to send team members on business trips.
  3. Enhanced mobility: If you do have a scattered team, you can easily unite them all on one call. All they need is a smartphone or web connection. This functionality can help you reach new clients or find talent based outside your geographic area.

When you’re considering which conference call service provider is right for your business, keep in mind how often you’ll utilize the service. Many providers offer pay-as-you-go plans. Others, including EVS7, offer the service complimentary as part of their comprehensive phone services.

EVS7 Offers Conference Calling Solutions for Small Business

When you subscribe to ZoomCall business VoIP phone lines through EVS7, you’ll receive conference calling as one of the many benefits of this service, all at no extra cost. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, and a VoIP phone system is completely web-based. All you need is an internet connection, and you’ll enjoy truly unlimited calling at one flat, easy-to-understand rate with a ton of standard features that will benefit your business. Plus, our computer software is user-friendly for the non-digital natives on your team.

So what are you waiting for? Contact EVS7 today to learn more about ZoomCall and our other business phone solutions.

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