How Does VoIP Work?

You may have heard of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, and you may wonder whether this type of phone system could work for your business. Maybe you have some questions. How can prices be this affordable? Will it work for you? What even is VoIP?

Understanding VoIP Technology

VoIP phone services have been around since the 1990s. They’re sometimes called broadband phone services, internet telephony or IP telephone technology. Traditional phone lines, invented by Alexander Graham Bell, use handsets and wires to turn sound energy, which produces vibrations, into electrical energy. This energy is carried through phone lines, which are in most communities. It flows up into another phone and gets converted back into audible sound energy. This system relies on individual phones (owned by customers) and phone lines (maintained and owned by telecom companies).

VoIP doesn’t use phone lines. Instead, your voice energy will be converted into a digital signal, which will be sent over the internet. Since VoIP services don’t use phone lines, many providers are able to offer them, which drives the price down. Also, the technology does not rely on phone lines, which also drives the price down.

Since VoIP uses the internet, it will allow you to make phone calls anywhere where you have an internet connection. You can use a traditional phone for VoIP service or access a computer or headset to make and receive calls.

You may not be able to tell whether you’re using a VoIP system or traditional phone technology. The sound with VoIP technology today is as good as any landline, and you can use traditional phones. You may even be able to keep your current phone number if you switch to VoIP.

In fact, the only two times you may notice a difference is when you get your bill and when you call 911. Your bill will be lower with VoIP because of the lower cost to providers, and if you call 911 on a broadband connection, the dispatcher will ask you for your address since the call will not automatically transmit it the way it does with a landline.

Why VoIP?

VoIP has become more popular because it offers more options. It’s easier and more affordable to get flat-fee long distance with VoIP technology, and these phone services come with many features. Businesses especially appreciate that they don’t need special equipment or huge budgets to get hold music, auto attendants and all the other features they need.

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