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Dolphin Dialer Cloud

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Phone Dialer Software & Call Center Solutions

Truly Unlimited Outbound & Inbound Calling to the USA and Canada

Inbound Call Center

Your agents can be located virtually anywhere, yet answer calls, make calls, and operate as if they are in one location. You’ll get Call Queues, IVR, Ring Groups, Date and Time Conditions, Real Time Call Reports, and much more. Monthly prices are $59 per call center plus $59 per agent. You get truly unlimited inbound and outbound calls with no per minute charges and no contracts. Optional Cloud Call recording is available. Just give us a call to tell us what you need, then we’ll create a custom call center just for you. In most cases, we can have you up and running within 24 hours.
IP Phone
Business telephone lines using IP Phones are only $29 per user/month. Employees can be connected from virtually anywhere in the world as if they are in the same office. Many features including personalized voicemail drops. Truly Unlimited Calls, No Per Minute Charges, Month to Month. Inbound Call Center Available
Click-to-call software for only $59 per user/month. Integrates seamlessly with web based CRMs and Excel. Many features including personalized voicemail drops and inbound softphones. No Delays or Dropped Calls, Truly Unlimited Calls, No Per Minute Charges, Month to Month. Inbound Call Center Available

Dolphin Dialer Cloud

Power dialing software for only $89 per user/month. Painlessly blaze through your telephone lists for more sales. Many features including personalized voicemail drops and inbound softphones. No Delays or Dropped calls, Truly Unlimited Calls, No Per Minute Charges, Month to Month. Inbound Call Center Available

Features that Benefit Your Bottom Line
At EVS7, we want to provide our customers with the best quality possible – including well thought out features that have a real purpose. Whether it’s saving money, time, or supercharging your contact rates, our solutions are designed with you in mind! We offer 3 different cost effective services with truly unlimited calling with our dialing software — no hidden fees, per minute charges, excessive usage or tricks like most of our competitors. With design and user experience as a focus, you’ll have an edge over your competitors. In addition, we take pride in offering first class customer service and support.

  • Flexibility – Month to Month, Cancel Anytime

  • Unlimited Phone Support along with Video Tutorials Available 24 Hours a Day

  • Pre-recorded voicemail drops to make your message perfect every time

  • Dialer CRM Integration to streamline processes and automate your business

  • No per minute charges or excessive usage fees ever – always know your bill

Whether you’re a startup business, seasoned telemarketer, or full-fledged call center, EVS7’s automated phone dialer software is designed to elevate your call campaigns to the next level — at affordable, honest pricing which includes truly unlimited calls to the USA and Canada.

Why Choose EVS7?

  • Transparency: We are up front with our pricing and our products. You’ll always know your bill each month. Try it before you buy it with Dolphin and Cricket.
  • Trust: Having been around since 1993, you know we’re here for the long haul. Technology, VOIP, & dialing software are evolving constantly, and our dialer systems will continue evolving to fit your needs.
  • Success: Your success is our success. Our goal is to help you succeed in goals, whether sales or service. Since our service is month to month, we have to continually earn your business.
EVS7 Phone Dialer Benefits

  • More calls in less time: Whether you use Zoomcalls Business Phone to streamline your calls, Cricket to double your calls, or Dolphin to quadruple your calls, each of our products helps you and your team dial faster and more efficiently.
  • Stay Organized: With our light built in CRM designed around phone dialing needs, our intuitive software provides you with the tools to manage your dialing efforts and always keep track of prospects and customers appropriately. Perfect for sales agents and contact centers.
  • More Profits: The goal of your business is to make money! Our products help you increase sales or handle service calls more efficiently, allowing you to see a fantastic return on investment and a bigger bottom line.

“Call quality is fantastic in comparison to the competition, and the customer support is great. I feel like they really care about me. I’ve increased productivity and the capital that I save can be used to grow the company. The phone dialer is a no brainer. I would not be able to run my business without EVS7.” – Dasha Baker, City Services 

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