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Dialer Software

Includes Truly Unlimited Calling to the USA and Canada

Our dialer software is the perfect solution for both inbound and outbound call centers. Unlike our competitors, we offer truly unlimited calling to the USA and Canada that allows you to provide excellent customer service and quickly scale your call center.

Implementing our outbound phone dialer software will allow you to reach more people faster, and our inbound call center dialer software ensures you’re not missing any callbacks or service calls. When it comes to securing sales, reliability and flexibility are key determinants of success.

Phone dialer software that goes beyond reliability to provide flexible, easy access gives you a streamline of efficiency and a top-notch user experience. All our products use VOIP, and our Parrot software is web based. By utilizing the power of the cloud, our solutions bring to life the reality of global access at a cost effective bottom line.

In a world of constant change, our goal is still to provide our customers with cutting edge, user-friendly software, helpful and competent support service and cost effective prices

Parrot Predictive Dialer call center dialer software

Beautiful, modern, full blown cloud call center with all tools needed to manage agents. Perfect for outbound, inbound, or blended call centers looking to increase efficiency. AMD, ACD, IVR + more!

Dial up to 5 lines at once per agent from just a web browser. Real time dashboard and advanced reporting to measure success.

Dialer Software phone dialer online

Dolphin is perfect for power dialing lists of numbers quickly.  Whether you’re a single agent or a team, the Dolphin helps you reach more customers and prospects to increase your sales.

You’ll love that there are no delays, dropped calls, or lost leads, and you’re always prepared for the next call.

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Cricket: Click to Call w/ Voicemail Drops

Cricket is the perfect companion for people wanting to make outbound and inbound calls with their CRM system. Simply click to dial and drop pre-recorded voicemails to save time. Log calls and instantly save details to notes section.

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“Call quality is fantastic in comparison to the competition, and the customer support is great. I feel like they really care about me. I’ve increased productivity and the capital that I save can be used to grow the company. The phone dialer is a no brainer. I would not be able to run my business without EVS7.”
– Dasha Baker, City Services 

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Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

At EVS7, we want to provide our customers with the best quality possible. We offer cost effective products with truly unlimited calling with our software — no hidden fees, per minute charges, excessive usage or tricks like most of our competitors. We design our software to be as user friendly as possible and have a great technical support team you can depend on.

Our web based dialer software is user friendly and won’t disrupt your business process during implementation. Complicated setups with hardware or servers are a technology of the past, so we work to provide the best dialer solutions with the fastest web based setup to keep your agents dialing.

Service and quality are at the top of our mind with each dialer system we offer. We’ve worked to create solutions for your business that are truly a cut above the rest. There are no hidden fees or disappearing tech support. We are here to provide the best call center dialer systems for your business.

  • Fast Delivery & Affordable Service

  • Easy to Use Dialer Solutions

  • Truly Unlimited Calling

  • Free Dialer Tech Support

  • Record Calls to Protect Yourself & Clients

  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Display any Caller ID

  • Responsive Support Team

  • No Delays, No Dropped Calls

  • Free Upgrades for Life

  • Feature Rich Dialer Software

  • Video Tutorials Available 24 Hours a Day

  • CRM Integration to Streamline Processes

  • Real Results

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