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Voicemail Drop

Why are voicemail drops trending in the sales industry? Because nearly 80% of calls go to voicemail. If that’s the case, then that means for every 100 calls made, the salesperson will have to leave a voicemail 80 times! That’s a huge waste of time. Find out how a voicemail drop can benefit you and you can start using one today!

What Is a Voicemail Drop?

A voicemail drop is an automated process typically used by sales teams or sales people in order to select pre-recorded voicemails and drop them into the intended contacts inbox.  

How Voicemail Drop Works?

When a voicemail drop system, usually a dialer, goes to a contacts voicemail the system will notify the salesperson and enable them to select and send a pre-recorded message. Sales people make pre-recorded voicemail drops for different campaigns or for different status levels of contacts (cold, warm, hot). For instance, if a salesperson was about to start a campaign where they follow up with contacts who inquired about the product or service, they would make a voicemail recording specific to inquiring contacts. That way when the salesperson reaches a voicemail drop, the system/dialer will let them say the person’s name [Hi Jim]  and then select the appropriate voicemail drop [I was calling to follow-up on your inquiry about our product…] After the voicemail is sent to the contacts email the sales agent can quickly move to the next call while the voicemail is simultaneously playing for the recipient.  

For tips make sure to read our detailed guide with tips on how to leave a pre-recorded voicemail to get more callbacks.

Voicemail Drop Benefits

In the sales industry saving time and optimizing time are highly sought after. This is why a sales tool like a voicemail drop is so beneficial. By enabling salespeople to drop the pre-recorded voicemail drop and continue on with their sales/follow up calls, they save time by not having to repeat themselves over and over for voicemail messages. 

With voicemail drop technology the sales agent can input the contact’s name, as mentioned above, in order to customize/personalize the voicemail. People are much more likely to return calls if the messenger knows their name because it indicates that they should know the messenger. 

The quality of a voicemail drop is also far better than a robotic voicemail message. Robotic voicemails indicate to the receipt that they were just one call out of many that received this message. However, with a pre-recorded voicemail drop made by a live person, the quality is much better. Also, it appears to the recipient of the voicemail that the agent took time to leave them a message, again adding to the personalized factor. 

How to Use a Voicemail Drop?

First establish what voicemail drop system you want to incorporate into your sales strategy. Once you have a system selected…

  • Segment your list into different calling campaigns. For instance, Group B are the contacts who inquired about a product or service, Group B are contacts that have not been contacted yet (cold leads), and Group C are contacts that have purchased and the salesmen wants to follow-up or gather feedback. 
  • Personalize the voicemail message for each of the segmented groups. Keep in mind that the information needs to be relevant towards that group.
  • Keep it short! The contact time is valuable and they are more likely to call back if the salesperson keeps their call brief and relevant. 
  • Give the contact a purpose or benefit to calling you back. Why would they waste your time in returning your call. Is there a percentage off the product if they do? Do they get 1 month free? 
  • Lastly, give them the most necessary information to return the call. That is your name, number, and reason for calling. (Tip: Some salespeople include their business name as well, but studies show it can increase the chance of the contact calling you back if you don’t include the business name because they are curious as to which business called them.)

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