Cricket CRM

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What is a CRM?

A “Customer Relationship Manager” is a process to organize and manage a company’s interactions with customers and prospects on your computer. These sales management platforms helps sales profesionals save time and improve efficiency by keeping track of items such as phone calls, leads, call reporting, and more.

Is it Really Free?

Cricket CRM is absolutely free for as many users as you want. We created Cricket CRM because many of our dialer customers who use Excel and other databases asked us for an easy way to organize and contact their customers and prospects.

Cricket CRM Features

  • Import from Excel and other databases and store all your customer and prospect information (maximum of 500,000 records).
  • Send pre-designed or custom emails
  • Call them with your phone (or if you have our optional Cricket Click Dialer, one click of your mouse will call a phone number. You can talk or drop your pre-recorded voicemail messages when needed).
  • Disposition your interaction with your customers and prospects.
  • Use the calendar to schedule calls.
  • Perform instant searches.
  • Just click to see Zillow or Google photos of any address in your Cricket CRM.

cricket click to call dialer

Two kinds of CRM

1) Your customer information is in the “cloud” where a remote server stores all your information which may be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world with the correct passwords. This works best for companies with many users and for remote locations. (Our Dolphin Cloud Dialer & CRM uses cloud-based technology.) 2) Your customer information is stored locally on your PC.  This works best with single users. Cricket CRM installs on your Windows computer (Windows 10 preferred) and is not cloud-based. (Cricket CRM uses this kind of technology.)

See Cricket CRM Screenshot Below

Watch our Overview Video for steps on how to get starting using Cricket CRM!

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