Sales Managers Tools
5 Must-Have Types of Sales Management Tools

We know it’s overwhelming to find the best sales management tools, but we’ve got you covered. These 5 Management tools that we selected will level-up your business and help your business outperform against your competitors.  What are Sales Management Tools? Sales management tools are the digital tools that make selling easier and more efficient for

Sales Management Tools
9 Call Metrics Sales Managers Should Track

As a manager, it can be hard to track the progress and results of the operations in the company. That’s why call metrics come in handy! Save yourself time and money by implementing these 9 call center metrics.  Call Metric #1: Calls Until a Conversion Your agents call anywhere from 50-80 prospects a day, but

Useful Sales Call Reports and Templates
How to Create Useful Sales Call Reports + Template

Use sales call reports to you and your sales teams benefit! We will demonstrate how to use sales call reports and how to create a template that will allow your sales team to thrive! What Are Sales Call Reports? In most cases a call report will identify the who, what, and when of a sales

How to Qualify Your Leads
How to Qualify Your Leads + Questions to Ask

A bad lead qualification process will waste your sales team’s time, risk selling the wrong products to the wrong people, and lower your company’s ROI. Therefore, make a good lead qualification process that will work in favor of the company!  What Is a Qualified Lead?  A qualified lead is a person or business that fits

Sales Trends to Follow in 2021
Top 5 Sales Trends to Follow in 2021

This year has been the definition of change, and with 2021 so close your company must be ready to adapt to the change. Get ready to reevaluate, enhance, and develop in the upcoming year!  Sales Trend #1: Use Automation and AI to Enhance Sales AI and automation are only just beginning. Collis says in the

Sales Strategy for Calls, Leads, and Deals
Sales Strategy: How to Improve Calls, Leads, and Deals + Examples

What is a Sales Strategy And Why Do You Need It? A sales strategy is a documented plan that states what your company is selling, who you are selling to, and the methods for selling those products or services in a way that makes your company have the differentiated advantage. The sales strategy will also

Telephone Answering Service Equipment
How to Start an Answering Service: All You Need To Know

Entering into the TAS (Telephone Answering Service) industry has never been more affordable or achievable than it is in 2020. The need for outsourcing inbound calls is a rapidly growing demand for businesses that are expanding and want to be cost effective and resourceful with their time. When starting a TAS, however, there are a

Dialer Campaigns Structure
Call Center Dialer Campaigns Structure

Call Center Dialer Campaigns Structure Call center software can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the industry and dialer campaigns. In an attempt to make things simpler, we’ve created an info graphic showing off the structure of the campaign in the Parrot Predictive Dialer and how the pieces of the puzzle fit together for your

Best SIP Softphone
Best SIP Softphone

What is SIP Softphone Software? What is a softphone, and how can it help you with your business? Softphone technology simply refers to the ability to make calls from your computer or similar digital device without using traditional telephone equipment or phone lines. You make your calls using VoIP, or Voice-over Internet Protocol, using SIP,

Dialer for Solar Energy Companies
Dialer for Solar Energy Companies

Solar Energy Industry If you’re in the solar energy industry, you’re probably on the constant lookout for quality leads, but have you ever really thought about what a quality lead is? The definition can vary widely, but it’s generally accepted that a quality lead is one that has a pre-existing interest in the goods or