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Serving Customers in Telecommunications Around the World Since 1993

Electronic Voice Services, Inc. (EVS7) was started in January 1993 in Dallas, Texas. Our corporate sales and administrative office is located at 13601 Preston Road, Suite E720, Dallas, TX 75240.

From the beginning our focus was on computer software and hardware to assist and automate the making and receiving of telephone calls. We started out with an inbound information hotline that could be customized for different types of businesses and cities. As that system evolved, we began using Dialogic telephony hardware in our systems. In 1999 we developed our Octopus Auto Dialer Software which was our top selling product for years, with thousands of happy and repeat customers.

As technology evolved and regulations changed, so did our products. Today, our current line of products are cloud based VoIP inbound call centers & outbound dialers for live agent calling. These systems are designed for small to large businesses.

At the same time we developed these products, we created our own VoIP service, ZoomCalls, to handle the inbound and outbound calling traffic of our customers.

In addition to our software and VoIP, we sell Telemarketing Lists. We also buy and sell Dialogic voice boards, and we sell Custom Computers as well.

We’ve sold our products in every state in the USA and more than half of the world’s countries, and on every continent, except Antarctica.

Over the years our products offerings have changed, but our goals have stayed the same: To provide our customers with cutting edge, user-friendly software, helpful and competent support service, and cost effective prices.

EVS is an A+ rated member of the Dallas Better Business Bureau.
United States FCC Registration Number 0028659860
International Telecommunications License # 8190-E89-201909475

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