What is Blended Call Center Software?

A blended call center incorporates both inbound and outbound call center services. Oftentimes, we think of call centers as either inbound or outbound depending on the business. In today’s changing market, blended call centers are defying that stereotype and becoming more and more prevalent.

Larger call centers are often divided between outbound and inbound agents. Whereas smaller call centers just do not have the resources to manage calls individually. To handle both types, blended call centers provide a solution. In this scenario, VOIP call center software can be tailored to prioritize calls so that outbound staff members can handle overflow from inbound receivers as needed.

When it comes to efficiency, incorporating the best call center software into a blended call center setting is a smart strategy. With that technology, you can reduce idle time and increase productivity.

Why Utilize Blended Call Center Software?

Call center phone software makes your team more efficient. Every business model looks for the key to cutting idle time, and boosting productivity and call center phone systems can be that key. For call centers, doctors’ offices, schools and other business, these types of solutions are a no-brainer.

EVS7 software helps direct inbound calls and prioritizes outbound calls to make marked improvement in phone efficiency. Our software is intuitive and allows your team to make the most out of each day. With truly unlimited calls to the United States and Canada and no hidden fees, we place the focus on quality calls and relationships over nickel and dime service.

Our call center software solutions are easy to set up, come with excellent support service, and all the tools needed to manage a team of agents. We won’t force you into contracts or charge for upgrades. Our goal is to help your business drive real results. Utilizing our call center phone systems for your inbound and outbound centers will increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

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Parrot Call Center Software Solutions

EVS7 offers easy-to-deploy browser-based blended multi-channel call center software solutions for both outbound and inbound calling. The blended call center software products are easily scalable, and come with comprehensive features designed to facilitate an array of functions. Our web-based call center phone systems help you to improve the overall productivity by enabling agents to receive and make calls instantly from just their web browser.

EVS7 offers multi-channel call center software solutions that can provide anywhere access to a global workforce. Browse through instant notifications on the inbound and outbound calls while enjoying features such as:

  • One-click voicemails and pre-recorded message
  • Comprehensive reporting to gauge agent performance
  • CRM integration to finetune lead nurturing and management
  • State-of-the-art automatic dialers and inside sales solutions

  • Interactive voice response and seamless network connectivity
  • ACD, AMD, IVR tools allow for added flexibility

In short, if you are looking for the best call center software solution without having to break the bank, your search ends here.


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Dolphin Power Dialer

Dolphin Power Dialer takes the stress out of making telephone calls and helps you make more sales.  For just $89 a month for a toll free or local inbound number AND truly unlimited outbound calling, the Dolphin is simply a necessity for any blended call center needing to make lots of calls.   Seize control of your agents with our optional monitoring tool to eavesdrop on conversations and coach to get the best customer service.  Setup is fast and simple and you’ll get as much tech support as needed.  Great solution for call centers and sales professionals!

  • Comes with free local or toll free inbound line on request
  • Quickly dial lists to help you make 4 times as many calls as dialing by hand
  • Lead scoring with HOT, WARM, COLD, etc to stay productive
  • Instantly followup by email to reach customers and to increase sales
  • Reminders and call backs help you stay organized

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ZoomCalls Business Lines

Enjoy truly unlimited phone service for you business or call center for only $59 a month.  With no hidden fees or useage charges, you can count on the same cost each month.  ZoomCalls is the “No Tricks Company” because we believe that getting blind sided by an unexpected bill is unprofessional.  We offer a host of features with our service to meet all your business needs including IVR, warm transfers, hold music, conference calls, and much more to meet your blended call center software needs. Comes with your choice of a local or toll free number!

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  • Flexibility to show any 10 digit caller ID
  • Transfer directly to a Voicemail
  • IVR Auto Attendant to automatically answer with menu choices
  • Optional supervisory features for silently monitoring, recording, or whisper coaching
  • “Port Over” your existing phone numbers from other phone companies for free
  • Stay productive with even more features
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