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Grow your sales by making 4 times as many calls!  Stop dialing by hand today.

  • Blaze Through Phone Lists
  • 5 One Click Personalized Voicemail Drops
  • No “Telemarketer Delay”  or Dropped Calls

EVS7 brings to you Power Dialer Software – Dolphin Dialer is a cutting edge telemarketing dialer designed to help you reach 4 times more contacts than manual dialing or dialing by hand. The telemarketing tool automates dialing, allowing your team to focus on more critical aspects of your business. The best auto dialer service software automatically disconnects the call if the line is busy or the number is no longer in use, thereby saving the time and efforts of your agents. You can make notes, send emails, and quickly disposition or status the call depending on how it went. Then you can pull reports on your best leads and get rid of the bad ones, thereby enhancing your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Dolphin Dialer is rated 4.5/5 stars based on 46 reviews on Capterra.

No 'Telemarketer' Delays

Connect with more leads and convert more prospects into happy customers.


People recognize when a typical auto-dialer is calling them. Avoid this by using Dolphin and stand out from the crowd.

Personalized Voicemail Drops

Gain time and stay fresh using instant pre-recorded voicemail messages.

Get More Call Backs

Prospects are much more likely to return your call if they hear their name. Leave personalized voicemails without saying the same tedious thing over and over.

Take Control of Your Leads

Instantly write notes about prospects and disposition your leads as Hot, Warm, etc.


Quickly send emails and set follow ups and appointments with our user friendly CRM system to generate more sales.

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Includes Truly Unlimited Calling to USA & Canada, Free Setup and Tech Support

$ 89 .00
Per Month
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Per Month
Pay $237 for 3 months &
save $30 quarterly.
$ 69 .00
Per Month
Pay $828 for 12 months
& save $240 annually

Unlimited Calls – No Per Minute Charges – No Contract

Load your list. Start dialing.
Stay organized. It’s that simple.

  • Truly unlimited calling – Make all the calls you need without worrying about the bill.
  • Monitoring and coaching tool lets you ensure your agents are doing their best.
  • Identify trends, targets, and areas for improvement with custom reports.
  • Instantly followup by email and reach customers quickly to increase conversions.
  • Stay legally compliant and don’t lose valuable leads by avoiding dropped calls.
  • Enjoy flexibility by personalizing your caller ID for more targeted campaigns.
  • Quickly transfer phone calls or hold a conference call to maximize efficiency.

How Does Dolphin Power Dialer Work

When a live person answers, you hear them say “Hello” and can speak to them immediately. When you reach an answering machine or voice mail, you have multiple ways to leave messages. You can change your Caller ID to display any legitimate 10-digit American or Canadian phone number you own! Dolphin also works great with Less Annoying CRM, Leadmaster CRM, or Zoho CRM.  Just use the Dolphin to find good leads and then click to send them directly into your CRM for follow up and lead nurturing.
The Dolphin sales dialer is perfect for sales professionals, call centers, small businesses, insurance, mortgages, B2B, solar, network marketing, churches, real estate, organizations, telemarketers, or anyone who needs to make a lot of phone calls.

See how IGI used Dolphin to build and manage an inside sales team to help increase appointments set by 150%.

Download Case Study
Download Case Study
A Power Dialer is more effective than a Predictive dialer in many ways. With a Predictive Dialer, you lose a lot of valuable leads with dropped calls and the dreaded “telemarketer delay.”

A Power Dialer let’s you see notes on the caller before you speak to them so you’re always prepared. It also eliminates the “telemarketer delay” that alerts people to a sales call and causes them to immediately hang up or become defensive.

From virtually anywhere in the world, you can supervise your agents/marketers by silently monitoring, whisper coaching, barging in, and recording them while they are having conversations with people they have called. Your agents/marketers may also be located virtually anywhere in the world.
Cost: One time $99 for Unlimited Logins
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To operate Dolphin Power Dialer you will need:

Dolphin Dialer Customer Reviews

Why Is the Dolphin Power Dialer Better Than Other Power Dialer Software?

What makes the Dolphin power dialer better for your business than any other phone dialer? There are any number of things that might make you choose the Dolphin power dialer over any other similar dialing software.

Dolphin Power Dialer automates call campaigns for telemarketers and sales teams so they can work smarter, not harder. Delivering 4x the amount of calls than dialing by hand, this power dialer helps you reach more leads in less time. Blaze through call lists as you autodial phone numbers and leave pre-recorded voicemail messages (voicemail drops) with a single click of a mouse. Disposition calls, take notes, and set callback reminders. Record conversations and pull reports for quality assurance, too. And for supervisors, there’s a monitoring and coaching tool so you can rest assured your agents are working respectfully and responsibly.

Ultimately, you’ll complete your work faster and be happier knowing you met your quota in record-breaking time. When it’s call speed and efficiency you want, turn the tide and ride with Dolphin Power Dialer.

Power Dialer Vs. Predictive Dialer

Our power dialer is designed to be user-friendly, meaning your agents can focus completely on the call. Unlike predictive dialers, there’s no wait time between calls, no dropped calls, and no telemarketer delays. They don’t have to worry about connecting or not being able to leave the right message thanks to the 5 PAMs (place a message voicemails). Confusion is eliminated, meaning more calls per hour and more effective calling. In addition, EVS7 support is unparalleled, so if you or your agents do have any questions, you’ll get live phone support and friendly customer service .

Beautiful Software that’s Simple to Use

Power Dialer

What Industries Can Benefit From Use of the Dolphin Power Dialer Software?

The ability to make calls quickly without wasting time on bad numbers or voicemail confusion, and to neatly organize the information about those calls, can benefit a wide range of industries. We have customers in virtually every business industry including insurance, real estate, solar, appointment setting, general telemarketing, credit card processing, collections, lead generation, and many more.

For example, if you work for a health care provider, you may have to get in touch with a number of patients each day, as well as doctors, insurance companies, and related professionals. Knowing right away whether or not you have a person on the other end of the line so you can conduct the call or leave the appropriate message and move to the next call can help make sure you have more satisfied patients.

Additionally, having information at your fingertips about who you called, when, and what happened on the call can maximize efficiency, which is critical in a medical facility.

Perhaps your company sells a particular good or service. Trying to figure out if your call has gone through and if you have reached a human being can cost critical time you could be using to make a sale. The Dolphin power dialer cuts that time suck out. Furthermore, the software allows you display any Caller ID that you own.

This can mean less frustration and more effective calling for your agents. Essentially, any business that requires making daily phone contact with a variety of people in order to be successful, and also values its time and level of efficiency, can expect to see very positive results from using the Dolphin power dialer.

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  • Video Tutorials to Save You Frustration

  • Real Results

After using Dolphin Dialer for 5 months I cannot imagine making calls without it. It is truly a “money making machine”. Thanks again.
Gene, Appointment setter in Georgia
Dolphin Dialer blows away the other telemarketing dialers. Productivity has more than doubled since I started using it, and the one click disposition makes calling much less tiresome. Dolphin Dialer delivers on the promises that all dialing services claim to make. There is no annoying call lag with this product, so one can always start out the conversation on a good note as opposed to having the party on the other end say hello a few times before hanging up, or even worse, starting the conversation in a bad mood. The call quality is crisp and clear. Thanks, Dolphin Dialer for putting the “smiling” back into “smiling and dialing!
Jim, Financial Services in Georgia
Thank You, is just not enough. From the product to the people, you have not only made my experience delightful, but most of all, Profitable. From all of us at our company, Thank You Again!
Everett, Sales in Florida
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