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Power Dialer

Reach your prospects 4 times faster with our cloud power dialer. Manage leads and scale your business using Dolphin with the built in CRM, reports, and coaching tools. Includes “Dynamic Caller ID” to help protect your calls from “spam likely”.

Power Dialer

The Awesome Benefits of Power Dialer Dolphin

How Does Our Cloud-Based Power Dialer Work?

Agents can login from anywhere to start power dialing or follow up on leads.  So what is a power dialer?  Agents will hear the phone ring, and when a live person answers, will hear them say “Hello” and can speak to them immediately. When reaching an answering machine or voice mail, they can drop a pre-recorded message and move on instantly.  If no one answers or the number is disconnected, the dialer will move on automatically to the next call and disposition it appropriately.

The advantage of a power dialer vs predictive dialer is that you’ll have no dropped calls or delays, making it sound just like a normal conversation if you had hand dialed.

Agents will also have the option to click to dial from the power dialer CRM, send emails or text messages, and follow up on call backs as needed.  Managers can:

  • Create & update campaigns, assign & upload lead lists
  • Manage users & seat, view live reports, and export agent results and calling data
  • Monitor or whisper coach during live calls
Power Dialer
Dolphin Power Dialer is rated highly on Capterra.

Frequently Asked Questions

A power dialer is a software used by agents to automatically dial one number after another in a list. Our Dolphin Power Dialer is cloud-based with unlimited calling and a built-in CRM.

A power dialer uses VOIP technology to automatically dial phone numbers in a que without any delays or dropped calls. With Dolphin Power Dialer you can drop pre-recorded voicemails and move on to the next call automatically.

Using our power dialer is as simple as loading your list of numbers into the software, settings your caller ID, and then clicking a button to start the power dialing campaign. With Dolphin Power Dialer’s easy set up you can start dialing in less than 5 minutes.
Power dialers are legal in most cases because unlike predictive dialers and auto dialers, they do not drop calls or blast a recording. Learn more about what to consider before getting a power dialer.

A power dialer rapidly calls through a list of numbers and automates repetitive tasks like leaving voicemails so an agent can focus on closing deals. With our Dolphin Power Dialer you can also monitor calls, track results, and create campaigns.

Features of our power dialer include built in automatic dialing along with contact management, voicemail drops, email, sms, and reporting.

A power dialer is better than a predictive dialer for sales teams because there are no delays or dropped calls and the prospect has a better experience since they speak directly with a live person. Learn more about power dialers vs predictive dialers.

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Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer

Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer

Our Power Dialer Is Made Affordable For You

Includes truly unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

$119.00 / mo

Per Seat

Admin seats are free
No setup fees
Includes cloud call recording
Includes up to 5 local or tollfree numbers for Caller ID protection

Free Trial

See how IGI used Dolphin to increase appointments set by 150%

Our Power Dialer Features Are Designed For You

Fully Cloud-Based

No downloads or phone lines required. All you need is a computer with Chrome, USB headset, and internet connection.

Work Flows

Set up work flows based on call dispo & lead status to send automated emails, move leads, or send data.

Warm Transfers

Quickly blind or warm transfer phone calls to closers and external numbers while music on hold plays.

Built in CRM

Manage leads, follow up on call backs, and view activities and a group calendar.

Email & Texting

Send emails or sms texts with a click to prospects or customers while on the phone or following up.

API & Integration

API available for receiving leads, sending data into other platforms, and more.

What Do Our Power Dialer Users Say

Dolphin Power Dialer Is Easy to Set up

Start Dialing in as Little as 5 Minutes

Power Dialer CSV Upload
Load Your List

Update your caller ID, dialing settings, and any custom fields. Then map your list to the Dolphin.

Agent Power Dialing
Start Power Dialing

Blaze through your list making 40-80 calls per hour. Drop pre-recorded voicemail messages with a click.

Control Your Results

Manage your team, view reports, and stay organized using the cloud CRM and coaching tools.

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