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If you place your order during our normal business hours, within approximately 2 hours you should receive an email with instructions how to install your Dolphin license. If ordering dialing software after hours, you will receive your license instructions the next business day. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm USA Central time (except for major holidays).

The Dolphin is an essential dialing software tool for you or your agents to bring in more sales in significantly less time.  Simply load your list of leads and start making four times as many calls as dialing by hand.

When it comes to telemarketing or any kind of phone sales, the most important factor to consider is speed — simply because more calls will make you more money. With this in mind, we designed Dolphin Power Dialer to greatly exceed the “Calls Per Hour” speed limit at which you’re currently dialing. Dialing with Dolphin, you’ll have the power and freedom to make hundreds of calls in a single day. And with truly unlimited calls, breaking your limit has never been so easy and inexpensive.

Autodialing completely hands-free with Dolphin will power up your call campaigns as a single agent or small team, delivering 4 times the amount of calls that you would normally make dialing by hand. One by one in a rapid succession, Dolphin dials your contacts from a spreadsheet until your call list is complete — which takes no time at all. When a live person is reached, Dolphin pauses dialing while you deliver your sales pitch, take notes, and collect information from your leads.

After a conversation ends, you can quickly disposition the call based on how it went. Label each call as “Hot Lead,” “Warm,” “Cold,” “Sold!” or anything you like as lead statuses are customizable to work for you and your business. Later, you can pull reports on your best leads and remove the “bad ones,” thereby enhancing your productivity and efficiency. You can even skip answering machines almost entirely with personalized automated Voicemail Drops, proudly pioneered by us, EVS7.

See Product Requirements Below:

  1. Broadband internet connection
    (wired is preferable to wireless)
    See Internet requirements
    Note: Our technicians do not troubleshoot Wi-Fi connections.
  2. Laptop or Desktop Computer with sound card & Windows 7 or 8 operating system:
    See PC Requirements
    Note: Will not run on Mac or Chrome operating systems.
  3. USB headset:
    See Headset Requirements
  4. Telephone List in .csv (comma delimited) text file that can be imported into the dialer.
    Note: If your list is in Excel or various other formats, they can usually be easily converted to .csv