Outbound Telemarketing Software

If your business revolves around telemarketing, you must be taking advantage of telemarketing software. Trying to run a calling center without the latest in outbound telemarketing software and telemarketing CRM services will create a serious barrier to your success. A telemarketing dialer using antiquated methods of simply calling, waiting for a response, leaving a message and then dialing again will quickly fall behind, allowing your competitors to make more sales faster.

With EVS7 telemarketing software for small business, you can run a cloud calling center at a high level of efficiency, putting the full power of digital technology to work for you.

EVS7 provides a wide spectrum of cutting-edge telemarketing software solutions tailored to complement diverse objectives and operating environments. Our solutions automate the telecalling process, allowing your people more time to focus on larger goals. We have a wide range of products to offer, starting from power dialers to predictive dialers to cloud-based CRM solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. See your profits soar with EVS7’s inbound and outbound telemarketing software and rest assured your business is on its way to the zenith of success.

Proven Telemarketing Software that saves you time and lands more dollars in your pocket.

With over 20 years of industry experience, EVS7’s telemarketing software and VoIP dialers help you reach more prospects and close more deals.

Why EVS7? Over the last twenty plus years, we’ve learned to perfect telemarketing software in all areas, from power dialing to predictive dialing to CRM for telemarketing. Our telemarketing software for small business is designed to allow your telemarketing dialer to make the most calls in the shortest amount of time, while making it easy to organize leads, monitor calls and supervise the system from any location with an internet connection.

At the same time, our customer-focused pricing system can save you a great deal of money over other telemarketing software.

Dolphin Power Dialer The perfect telemarketing machine. Load your leads and start dialing away. This telemarketing tool allows you to speak on one line while leaving one click pre recorded voicemails and emails for other people at the same time. Never lose leads with dropped calls. One sales agent using our voip telemarketing software can out perform 4 agents dialing by hand.

  • Make 4 times the calls by rapidly dialing in a progression
  • Connect with prospects easily with built in CRM
  • Set appointments and reminders to ensure you always follow up
  • No dreaded “telemarketer delay” that annoys customers
  • Reports make sure you measure important metrics and hit your KPIs
  • Increase profits by reaching more customers

Cloud Call Center Our virtual call center and predictive dialer offers blended outbound and inbound campaigns, dialing on up to 5 lines at a time, and a live real time dashboard to help you manage your team of agents. Highly customizable and perfect for scaling a call center.

  • User friendly interface makes it quick & simple for your agents to learn
  • Close more deals with rules-based marketing automation
  • Take control of your employees with silent monitoring and whisper coaching
  • Check your ROI by viewing which campaigns are bringing in the most cash
  • With inbound screen pops, you can greet your customers by name
  • Setup drip email automation and stop worrying about sending manual emails

Cricket Click Dialer Click to dial any number on your PC screen, email, browser, or CRM and it will instantly call for you. The Click Dialer removes the pain from dialing by hand and saves precious hours to increase employee productivity. Double your efficiency, drop automatic voicemail messages and make completely unlimited calls with no phone line needed.

  • Click to call any number on your browser, CRM, or email
  • No dropped calls, no “telemarketer” delay, no “hello, Hello..HELLO?”
  • Integrates with CRMs such as Salesforce, LeadMaster, Sugar, and more
  • No additional phone or line required means no hassles or extra fees
  • Instantly drop one click personalized pre-recorded voicemails
  • Quickly transfer or conference calls to the right person

Power Dialer vs. Predictive Dialer vs. Click Dialer

Depending on your business, different types of dialing and CRM telemarketing services may be more appropriate for you. The Dolphin power dialer allows your agents to call quickly through lists of numbers. If you reach a voicemail, you can simply click a button to drop one of 5 prerecorded messages to make sure you never have to say the same thing over and over again.

Predictive calling with the Parrot is even faster and great for cold calling a large number of consumers. The system’s algorithm calculates when an agent will be available and makes calls for you, so a new caller is on the line as soon as your agent completes a call, with literally no time lost in between. The Cricket click dialer leaves the control in the hands of your telemarketers, but makes CRM telemarketing easy, with no searching for numbers or dialing required. Just click to call, complete your call, click to drop a voicemail , and click to make the next call, reducing stress on your dialers and maximizing speed and efficiency.

Nearly every industry can benefit from one or more of these services. For example, healthcare providers that may need to contact a variety of patients, doctors, lab technicians or insurance providers quickly find that a power dialer greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to complete administrative tasks.

Travel companies looking to offer great vacation packages can sell more packages faster with a predictive dialer that uses brute force to find the people most motivated to buy such packages. Meanwhile, the Cricket click dialer can take the stress out of trying to sell your product or service to as many customers as possible.

Let’s Discuss Your Requirements

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