What is an Automatic Dialer?

Whether you work at a school, healthcare facility, polling center or any other business where mass phone calls are a necessary part of your workday, you need a system that will automate the calling process and boost efficiency. Our automatic dialing software allows you to place calls automatically without the need for manual entry. An automatic dialer is electronic software that automatically dials telephone numbers. Once the phone call is answered, the software connects the call to a live person. Auto dialers fall under the category of computer telephone integration or CTI for short.

The automated calling system utilizes a special software with built in VOIP that is programmed to automatically dial an uploaded list of phone numbers. The software allows you to know if a live person answered the phone or if it rang until disconnect. The auto dialing software can also leave a message on the answering machine.

Our automated call system software is cloud based, meaning that it can be set up anywhere. No longer do you need mass office space to set up a call center. Cloud based service allows for remote work with all efficiencies and necessities a keyboard away.

How Do You Setup An Auto Dialer?

Setting up an automated outbound call center or a small-scale auto dialer system is easier than you think. All you need is a computer with Google Chrome browser, a good internet connection, EVS7 auto dialer software and a USB headset for each agent.

We schedule a setup meeting where we show you your server login information, help you build your first calling campaign, and assist with getting your agents ready to dial.  This simple set up, in combination with our cloud based software, allows for infinite flexibility and efficiency.

Setup for an automatic dialer doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. As we walk you through the setup process for your autodialer, you’ll learn how to complete the following steps:

  • Connecting Your Dialer to Your Computer: The automatic dialer can be connected network-wide through VoIP, which passes the telephone signal over your Internet connection. We make sure your dialer is connected correctly to get you ready to go for your first call.
  • Set Up the Auto Dialer Software: You’ll need to download installation software to your computers for the dialer to function. You’ll then see a prompt to run the installer and grant approval to the system.
  • Import Contacts and Lists: Run the dialer program on your computer, then use the Phone List Manager to import your contact lists and remove do-not-call numbers to build your custom call list.
  • Make Your Call: After installation is complete, you’re ready to make your first call! The Power Dialer generates and calls numbers from your list. When someone answers the phone, you can start speaking to them as soon as they say hello, increasing efficiency and maximizing talk time.

Who Will Benefit From An Auto Dialer?

Auto dialers can be used for a broad range of services. Telemarketing covers a broad range of industries such as insurance, real estate, solar, credit card processing, collections, and many more.  These industries need marketing software that will automated the phone calling process, and EVS7 can help. Learn more about our auto dialer solutions for your business and request your free trial or demo today.