Click to Dial Software

Double your calls from your CRM by clicking any phone number from the cloud! Drop personalized pre-recorded voicemail messages to save even more time. Includes ability to help protect your Caller ID from "spam likely".

Click to Dial Software

Click your mouse to call any phone number you see on the web. Make unlimited calls. It's that simple.

A click to call dialer is a web phone that allows you to move quickly from call to call with the click of a mouse. With EVS7 click to dial, you can just click to send any of your unique pre-recorded voicemail drops.  This helps your team save time and not have to say the same message over and over, increasing team efficiency. 

How Does Click to Call Dialer Software Work?

By clicking a phone number on your computer screen, you will instantly call a prospective lead. This allows your sales team to work directly inside your existing CRM, making for more productive calling with features to save you time. 

Unlike most competitors, we provide service with truly unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada and no hidden per minute fees or charges.  Because your sales reps are in control of the call, your prospects will be more receptive because there is no “telemarketer delay” alerting them that it is a sales call.

  • Allows for transfers and 3 way calling
  • Coaching and monitoring tool for training
  • Boost sales rep productivity 
Cricket Cloud Click Dialer

Double your sales with the Click Dialer and save time and effort by click dialing any phone number on your CRM or web browser.

  • Call recording available
  • Call logs and notes can be quickly pasted into CRM
  • Auto-Rotate Caller-IDs to protect against being labeled as SPAM

Frequently Asked Questions

Click-to-call allows users to click on any phone number in their web browser to instantly dial it. With Cricket Click to Dial Software you can dial directly from your CRM using the built-in virtual phone.

The primary benefit of click-to-dial is to save time and increase efficiency by eliminating the need for manual dialing. Cricket Click to Dial Software creates no telemarketing delays or dropped calls so the success rates are higher, compared to other types of dialers.

Our Cricket Click to Dial Software uses VoIP technology along with a Chrome browser plugin, so you can dial instantly from any CRM system. Prospects get a regular sounding phone call with no telemarketing delays.

Our Cricket Click to Call Software allows you to dial phone numbers on their screen instantly with just a click. You can also simply click to drop a pre-recorded voicemail if you reach an answering machine.

Features of click to dial softwares include instant click dialing, call transfers, IVR, and pre-recorded voicemail drops. Our Cricket Click to Dial Software provides CRM integration, call recording, and sending texts and emails to prospects.

Cricket Click Dialer

Cricket Click Dialer Cricket Click Dialer

The right price for your team

Includes truly unlimited calling to the US and Canada. Discounts Available for Paying Quarterly or Annually

$59.00 / mo

Per Seat

No Setup Fees
$5 extra for Cloud Call Recording
Includes up to 3 local or tollfree numbers for Caller ID protection

Free Trial

The click dialer is designed for users like you.
With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Personalized Voicemail Drops*

Wait for the beep, say "Hi James," then click to drop your message. When people hear their name, they're more likely to call back.

Caller ID Protection

We provide you with 3 phone numbers that will rotate for your caller ID to protect you.

Warm Transfers

Quickly blind or warm transfer phone calls to closers and external numbers while music on hold plays.

Both Inbound & Outbound

Receive inbound calls and choose your own DID with local or tollfree area code. Setup ring groups as needed.


Agents can make calls from anywhere in the world and take their account with them.

Call Logging & Timestamps

Simply click on the log button to bring up dispositions for the calls, and paste to CRM notes.

See how iCapital Alliance increased dials by 115% & voicemails by 100%.

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Easy Setup

Start Dialing in as Little as 5 Minutes

Download Click Dialer
Install the Cricket

Add the Cricket Cloud extension to Google Chrome.

Cricket Click to Dial Agent
Start Click Dialing

Click to call any number on your CRM or web browser. Drop voicemails with a click.

Control Your Results

Coach and monitor your team, view reports, and track your success.

* You must have prior express consent to leave informational pre-recorded messages and prior express written consent to leave telemarketing pre-recorded messages.

Make 200 calls for free. No credit card required.

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