Cricket Click Dialer

Double your calls from your CRM by clicking any phone number! Click for list of recommended CRMs

Play Cricket Video

Only $59/month for truly unlimited calling to USA & Canada. Includes Personalized Voicemail Drops!

No CRM Integration Needed

Works with virtually any cloud CRM when using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Streamline Processes

No phone line required! Move quickly from call to call with just the click of a mouse.

Personalized Voicemail Drops

Gain valuable hours and stay fresh using 5 instant pre-recorded voicemail messages.

Get More Call Backs

Prospects are much more likely to return your call if they hear their name. Leave personalized voicemails without saying the same tedious thing over and over.

No Dropped Calls

Connect with more potential clients to increase sales.

No 'hello, Hello…HELLO?'

Prospects won't be suspicious that they have been auto dialed because there is no "telemarketer delay" alerting them it's a sales call.

Click your mouse to call any phone number you see on your PC. Make unlimited calls. It's that simple.

  • Instantly make warm or cold transfer calls or enjoy 3 way calling
  • Get the best from your agents with supervisory features for monitoring or coaching
  • 5 Different Pre-Recorded Voicemail Drops give you even More Flexability
  • Quick & easy setup inbound & outbound call center software with no phone line hassles or charges
  • Enjoy flexibility to personalize your caller ID to any 10 digit phone number
  • Protect yourself and your clients with call recording to keep valuable conversations