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Cricket Click Dialer

Double your dials in your CRM & just click it with Cricket!

Just $59/month for truly unlimited calling with 5 prerecorded voicemail drops! Instant CRM integration included.

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CRM Integration

Click to Call for Salesforce, LeadMaster, Zoho, or any CRM to save time.

Streamline Processes

No phone line required! Move quickly from call to call with just the click of a mouse.

1 Click Voicemails

Gain valuable hours and stay fresh using 5 instant pre-recorded voicemail messages.

Get More Call Backs

Prospects are much more likely to return your call if they hear their name. Leave personalized voicemails without saying the same tedious thing over and over.

No Dropped Calls

Connect with more potential clients to increase sales.

No 'hello, Hello…HELLO?'

Prospects won’t be suspicious that they have been auto dialed because there is no “telemarketer delay” alerting them it’s a sales call.

What is Click to Call Dialer Software?

A click to call dialer is the solution for quick calls that doesn’t even require a phone. It allows you to move quickly from call to call with the click of a mouse. With EVS7 click to dial, you can even access 1 click voicemails. Your staff will save time with five instant pre-recorded voicemail messages that are simply one click away.

How Does Click to Call Dialer  Software Work?

By clicking a phone number on your computer screen, you will instantly initiate a call to a prospective lead. This allows your sales team to integrate your existing CRM, making for more productive calls. Instead of running through a cold list, calls can be quickly made to prospective leads that are more qualified.

EVS7’s Cricket Click to Call Dialer solution allows transfer of calls, and even three way calling. Team leaders can monitor calls and provide better training. A fully encompassing solution, Cricket, provides call centers with both direct business value through leads and indirect value through custom training opportunities.

What Makes EVS7’s Cricket Click to Call Dialer Unique?

EVS7’s call center software is more than a service — it is a solution. With truly unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada, we provide service with no hidden fees or charges. Our focus has always been on quality and we will ensure you don’t have dropped calls or suspicious leads. Your prospects will be more receptive because there is no “telemarketer delay” alerting them that it is a sales call.

Our calls can be recorded and call logs can be instantly pasted into into a CRM notes section.  Our support team is always there to help. Whether you’re installing click to dial software for your insurance team, medical practice office, school system, call center or even political campaign strategy, EVS7 has a solution for you. Our Cricket system will provide the efficiency and quality you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

Choose Your Pricing

Includes Truly Unlimited Calling to USA & Canada, Free Setup and Tech Support

$ 59 .00
Per Month
Just pay month to month with no contracts!
$ 49 .00
Per Month
Pay $147 for 3 months to save $30 quarterly.
$ 39 .00
Per Month
Pay $468 for 12 months to save $240 annually.

Click your mouse to call any phone number you see on your PC. Make unlimited calls. It’s that simple.

  • Instantly warm or cold transfer calls or enjoy 3 way calling
  • Get the best from your agents with supervisory features for monitoring or coaching
  • 5 Different Pre-Recorded Voicemail Drops give you even More Flexability
  • Quick & easy setup inbound & outbound call center software with no phone line hassles or charges
  • Enjoy flexibility to personalize your caller ID to any 10 digit phone number
  • Protect yourself and your clients with call recording to keep valuable conversations
  • Use Cricket as a Salesforce Softphone or Zoho Click to Call – works on any web based CRM!

pre-recorded voicemail message

View List of CRMs for Integration

Instantly log a call in your CRM system notes box with a handy time-stamp!
Now you can simply click on the log button to bring up dispositions for the calls. Double click on the dispo you want, and it automatically copies it to your clipboard. Then you can paste the log of the call instantly into the notes box of your CRM. Call log captures whether it’s an outbound or inbound call, date and time, caller ID, length of call, and the disposition of the call you’ve selected.

call dialer software click to dial

The Cricket Click Dialer in Action

You or your agents can simply click to call any phone number on the web, email, or your CRM.  When a live person answers, you hear them say “Hello” and can speak to them right away.  When you reach an answering machine, you can say the person’s name and then click your mouse to leave your pre-recorded voicemail for increased call backs. If you want a progressive call center dialer, see the Dolphin, or for the full CRM call center experience, check out the Koala.

Works great for call centers, small businesses, or sales professionals!

See how iCapital Alliance increased dials by 115% and voicemails left by 100%.

Download Case Study
Download Case Study
Click Dialer Screen Shot
From virtually anywhere in the world, you can supervise your agents/marketers by silently monitoring, whisper coaching, barging in, and recording them while they are having conversations with people they have called. Your agents/marketers may also be located virtually anywhere in the world.
Cost: One time $99 for Unlimited Logins
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To operate Cricket Click Dialer you will need:

Beautiful Software Interface that’s Easy to Use

Click to Call Software

Also comes with these Awesome Features

  • Fast Delivery & Affordable Service

  • Easy to Use

  • Free Tech Support

  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

  • Responsive Support Team

  • No Delays, No Dropped Calls

  • Free Upgrades for Life

  • Video Tutorials to Save You Frustration

  • Real Results

This Click Dialer has TRANSFORMED my job, morale, sales numbers, etc. Truly amazing to say the least. Thank you.
Sara, Job Recruiting in Texas
Thank You, is just not enough. From the product to the people, you have not only made my experience delightful, but most of all, Profitable. From all of us at our company, Thank You Again!
Everett, Sales in Florida
You just hit a button to call and you can leave a recorded message. No stumbling on a prospective client’s voicemail. The thing I like best about the click dialer and the power dialer is that I can set the outgoing number that appears in the recipient’s caller ID. And the monthly cost is low.
Ray, Business Consulting in California
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