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Building an In-House Lead Gen Team

Based in the Rochester, N.Y. area, founded in 1986, IGI is a publicly traded company (IMCI) that leveraged its deep roots in technology to become one of today’s premier IT service and support organizations.

For IGI, building and managing an inside sales team was a key factor to enable company growth. After struggling with basic PBX phones, Scott realized the company needed a software provider that offered a solution to increase calls, organize the team, and raise efficiency.

Using EVS7’s Dolphin Power Seller, IGI was able to build the appropriate call center infrastructure to meet their goals of running a successful in house lead generation team.

  • 80% Increase in Connections per Call
  • 150% Increase in Appointments per Call
  • 333% Increase in Dials per Employee

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Doubling Productivity with PAM

Based in Montreal, iCapital Alliance Benefits focuses on retirement and protection solutions for business groups and corporate executives. They constantly strive to incorporate integrity, independence, and intelligence into their services and approach.

One of the biggest issues facing Paul Chamitoff and his team at iCapital was the sheer amount of voicemails they had to leave. He needed a technology that would allow him and his sales reps to increase dials and save time to increase productivity while working leads.

Using the PAM (place a message) feature with EVS7’S Cricket Click Dialer enabled Paul and his team to leave twice as many voicemails a day, enabling iCapital the freedom to focus on selling and growth.

  • 115% Increase in Dials per Hour
  • 100% Increase in Voicemails Left per Hour
  • 115% Increase in Total Calls per Day

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Finding a Successful Call Center Solution

City Storm Leads provides highly targeted roofing leads using technology to source the most accurate data.

Dasha Baker is one of the most highly acclaimed telemarketing managers in the US, responsible for rebuilding sales organizations for large contracting firms after the stock market crash in 2008.

Using EVS7’s cost effective dialer software, Dasha was able to generate predictable growth and a considerable ROI for City Storm Leads without sacrificing valuable features or call quality. See how City Storm Leads increased their growth in telemarketers by 700% by ditching their current platform and leveraging EVS7’s cost effective dialer software.

  • 600% Increase in Calls
  • 800% Cost Savings
  • 700% Growth in Telemarketers

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Starting & Sustaining an Energy Business

Based in Akron, OH, Patriot Energy Consultants was founded by entrepreneur Jason Lemmon to help individuals and small businesses save money on their gas and electricity bills.

With 20 years prior work experience in telemarketing, Jason knew that to successfully start his own business he needed a software solution that would allow him to manage and organize a team of agents efficiently.

With the Parrot Cloud Contact Center, Jason leapt into entrepreneurship tooled with dialing software that fit his needs allowing his company to scale through continued to growth.

  • 75,000 Calls per Week
  • 25 Second Wait Time Between Live Calls
  • 60 Sales Made per Week

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