Best Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Next generation cloud based call center software to empower agents for better service and happier customers.

Best Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Cloud Call Center Solutions

Your agents simply login to their computer and can start handling calls instantly. It’s that simple. If you use or are planning to use a call center as part of your business, now is the time to sign up for a cloud based call center. Hosted and virtual call-center software is the wave of the future, and cloud call center solutions can enhance your business in ways you may not have considered. What are the benefits of cloud call center software and using a cloud based contact center as opposed to traditional methods of managing calls?

Cloud Based Call Center Software and Cost

One of the main reasons to switch to cloud-based call-center software solutions is cost. Setting up and maintaining a traditional call center can incur massive expenses. You need to pay to keep up the call center, manage an internal call-center team, and maintain call-center equipment. Cloud contact center software allows you to sidestep all those expenses, increasing your bottom line.

  • Fully cloud based – Access from anywhere in the world
  • Performance management – Coach agents with supervisory features for monitoring
  • Stay FTC compliant by easily managing dropped call rates

Cloud Call Centers and Ease of Use

Use of a cloud-based call-center system makes organizing your call center incredibly easy. Your cloud-based auto dialer allows your employees to log in from wherever they are, at any time, and start predictive or click-to-call dialing. No need to have all your callers located in the same contact center dialer location. A cloud dialer means freedom for your employees to maximize their calling potential. This technology creates a truly flexible environment, and with robust reporting and analytics, you’ll know exactly which agents are and aren’t performing.

  • Recycle leads to maximize call attempt efficiency
  • Advanced reporting lets you measure results
  • Call recording available to keep valuable conversations
Predictive Dialer

EVS7’s Cloud Based Call Center Solutions

EVS7 excels at everything that makes cloud-based call-center solutions right for you. You get an unprecedented level of control, from the ability to coach and monitor all calls, no matter where they are coming from, to advanced data reporting to let you know exactly when, where, and how your calls are landing most effectively. When it comes to cost, EVS7 cloud call-center software also offers you a superior option, with unlimited inbound and outbound calls without any excess fees or minute-by-minute charges, and with pricing plans that can fit in the budget of virtually any business.

More and more industries are moving to cloud call-center systems, from health care organizations looking to manage their patients efficiently, to financial services companies that rely on high-volume calling, or just about any other type of business with a strong business-to-consumer component. If you run a call center, your life is about to get exponentially easier. If you already use cloud technology – consider switching to EVS7. To learn more about how your business can see tremendous benefits from EVS7 cloud call-center software, call us or request a demo.

  • Blaze through outbound calls at record speed
  • Create User Groups to quickly manage your team
  • Dynamic caller ID helps you avoid getting flagged as spam

Hosted Call Center Software

Hosted Call Center Software Hosted Call Center Software

The right price for your team

Includes truly unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

$129.00 / mo

Per Seat

Requires 3 seats minimum
$150 one time setup per account
$5 extra for cloud call recording

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Agent Power Dialing
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Both inbound and outbound calls will be available for your agents to take with ease.

Control Your Results

Manage your team, view reports, and stay organized using the cloud CRM and coaching tools.

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