Increase calls by 300% and turbocharge productivity.

Powerful outbound dialer solutions and lead management software to help grow your sales and reach more customers.

Dolphin Dialer Cloud

Outbound Dialer Software for Call Centers & Sales Teams

Includes Truly Unlimited Outbound & Inbound Calling to the USA and Canada

Dolphin Dialer Cloud

Cloud based power dialing software with CRM. Painlessly blaze through your phone lists and manage your leads for more sales. Many features including personalized voicemail drops, email templates, & texting.  Powerful manager tools with reporting and analytics.  Agents can login from anywhere. No Delays or Dropped calls.

Click-to-call software for your PC. Softphone integrates seamlessly with web based CRMs using browser plug-ins. Many features including personalized voicemail drops, call transfers, conference calls, and more. No Delays or Dropped Calls, Truly Unlimited Calls, No Per Minute Charges, Month to Month. Inbound Call Center Available


System Type
Outbound & Inbound Calling
Inbound Phone Number
Pre-recorded Voicemail Drops
Lead Management
Reporting & Statistics


Per Agent / Monthly
Functionality : Click Dialer
For CRMs and Excel
System Type : Software for PC
Outbound & Inbound Calling : Truly Unlimited
Inbound Phone Number : One free per seat
Coaching/Monitoring : Optional
Pre-recorded Voicemail Drops
Lead Management
Reporting & Statistics : Basic
Integration: Any Web-Based CRM


Per Agent / Monthly
Functionality : CRM with Power Dialer
For Calling Lists & Leads
System Type : Cloud Based
Outbound & Inbound Calling : Truly Unlimited
Inbound Phone Number : One free per seat
Coaching/Monitoring : Included
Pre-recorded Voicemail Drops
Lead Management
Reporting & Statistics : Advanced
Integration: API

Outbound Dialer Features

  • Power Dialer
  • Click to Call
  • Cloud Based
  • Predictive Dialer
  • CRM
  • Voicemail Drops
  • Lead Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Coaching & Monitoring
  • Email
  • Integration
  • Unlimited Calling

EVS7 Mascot tiger with a headsetWhat makes EVS7 technology work so uniquely well for outbound call centers & sales teams?

Our outbound calling software revolves around ease of use. The benefit of cloud-based call center software is you don’t need a physical, centrally located call center for it to work. Our outbound call center solutions are designed to capitalize on that by making sure any sales rep for a business or call center can log in quickly no matter where they are. At the same time, our software makes supervision and monitoring easy, too, so you can always make sure every contact center solutions agent is observing outbound call center best practices, regardless of:

                • Where or when the calls are taking place
                • Where your supervisors are located

Our intuitive call center software is fast and simple to use for everyone in your operation, which keeps costs down and productivity high. Read on to learn more about what makes this amazing call center software so effective and request a free trial today.

What Sets EVS7’s Outbound Call Center Software Apart?

What sets our outbound calling software apart is the unprecedented control you get for your outbound calling business using our software. That translates into fewer mistakes, more calls and more successful calls. You get all the data and organizational tools you need to maximize your efficiency. You can easily manage multiple outbound campaigns with campaign-specific caller IDs and scripts. In addition, unlike some other outbound calling cloud center services, you get unlimited calling, with no hidden per-minute charges or excessive usage fees cutting into your bottom line. There are few businesses that wouldn’t benefit tremendously from having EVS7’s cloud call center outbound software at their disposal.  While some of our most prevalent clients are insurance and real estate, we help all businesses grow.  Financial services companies that depend on making constant daily contacts can see tremendous growth with this outbound contact center software. Health care organizations that need to connect with a variety of patients, doctors and insurers each day can see their productivity increase dramatically with this outbound calling system. Hotel and travel companies looking to get information about their best deals out to motivated travelers will love this software.  Any business that is simply trying to sell its product or service to as many customers as it can reach, will love our technology. EVS7 outbound calling software can provide a competitive advantage for nearly any business.