ZoomCalls VoIP PBX Phone System

A simple, "no price tricks" cloud-based phone service for your business. Your employees can be located almost anywhere in the world, yet they are all connected together as if they’re in the same office.

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ZoomCalls VoIP PBX Phone System

VoIP PBX Phone System: How it Works

Ever wonder if there’s a better alternative to using a landline phone service? If your business has been stuck with a traditional phone company, you may have encountered hidden fees, added expenses and contractual obligations. Many companies don’t even see these until they’re hit with a high monthly bill and no way to get out of their plan.

You may have also struggled with bad customer service, slow tech support or difficulty adding and dropping lines. These are common problems with landline companies. Unfortunately, they can cost your business time, money and sanity — all of which are important to maintaining efficiency and keeping a pleasant work environment.

With all the hassles of sticking with traditional services, you have every reason to switch to ZoomCalls. Discover the benefits of using a VoIP system and learn why it might be an excellent choice for your office.

ZoomCalls is a cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service for businesses across the world. It functions a lot like your traditional phone service, only far better.

VoIP calling is a service that uses an established Internet connection rather than landline phone services. Cloud-based — also known as hosted — VoIP systems store the hardware used to connect callers off-site at a secure data facility. This means less hardware and software struggles for you and your team.

  • Improved efficiency of communication systems and employees
  • Lower expenses without hidden or surprise fees
  • Flexibility without hassle
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How Does ZoomCalls Work?

As a VoIP phone service, all communication is sent through a broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. ZoomCalls sends your voice to the other party or parties through your network via data packets. Because it’s tied to the network you use throughout your entire facility, you can enjoy seamless integration between your phone and computer network, including the ability to save a recording of your calls to your computer.

Unlike traditional phone lines, a VoIP service allows for seamless conference calls, call transfers, multiple calls and other convenient options — a plus in today’s fast-paced business environment. With no added hardware, you can have callers respond to prompts, leave a recorded voicemail or hold on a line. Through these functions and more, you can provide top-notch customer service before your employees even answer a call.

No tricks pricing

Month to month pricing, no contracts. Discounts for quarterly and annual payments are available.

$29.00 / mo per user

1-4 Users

$5 month extra for cloud call recording
Local or tollfree number included
Truly Unlimited Calls
No per minute charges

$24.00 / mo per user

5-19 users

$5 month extra for cloud call recording
Local or tollfree number included
Truly Unlimited Calls
No per minute charges

$19.00 / mo per user

20+ Users

$5 month extra for cloud call recording
Local or tollfree number included
Truly Unlimited Calls
No per minute charges

Need to choose a PBX Phone?

The VoIP PBX Phone System is designed for businesses.

Call Forwarding – Follow Me

Forward to another extension or phone number.

IVR – Auto Attendant

Setup a call menu that automatically answers with different choices for the caller.

Warm & Blind Transfers

Quickly blind or warm transfer phone calls to other extensions and external numbers while music on hold plays.

Conference Calling

Talk with multiple people simultaneously.

Call Waiting

If another call comes in while you are on a call, you hear a beep notifying you of the other call.


Calls not answered go to voicemail and messages are instantly emailed to you.

Easy Setup

VoIP PBX Phone
Order your PBX Phone

Select and order your phones online starting at just $30 each.

PBX Agent
EVS7 Programs your Phone

We will program your phone for you remotely to work with our phone service so you can start calling.

Control Your Results

Connect with your team any time by dialing extensions or setting up conferences. Receive inbound calls from customers, and dial prospects.

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